Maize Diseases: A Reference Source for Seed Technologists

D.C. McGee 
APS Press  1988  

Softcover  150 pages, 52 photographs  ISBN 089054090X      £45.00
This book provides a database on all diseases of maize (corn) caused by fungi, bacteria, mycoplasmas, spiroplasmas, and viruses. The table of contents is as follows:

Part 1: Diseases that are Seedborne and Seed Transmitted

Fungi: Anthracnose, Black bundle, Black kernel rot, Black mold, Brown stripe downy mildew, Crazy top, Diplodia ear and stalk rot, Fusarium stalk and ear rot, Fusarium stalk and root rot, Horse's tooth, Java downy mildew, Nigrospora ear rot, Penicillium ear rot, Phaeocytosporella stalk infection, Philippine downy mildew, Rhizopus ear rot, Sorghum downy mildew, Southern corn leaf blight, Storage rot, Sugarcane downy mildew

Bacteria: Bacterial leaf spot, Bacterial leaf stripe, Bacterial stalk rot, Goss's wilt, Stewart's wilt

Viruses: Maize dwarf mosaic, Maize leaf fleck, Maize leaf spot, Wheat streak mosaic

Part 2: Diseases that are Seedborne but not Seed Transmitted

Fungi: Acremonium zeae stalk rot, Alternaria leaf blight, Aspergillus ear rot, Banded leaf and sheath spot, Botrytis stalk rot, Carbonum leaf spot, Charcoal rot, Cladosporium ear rot, Common smut, Curvularia leaf spot, Dry rot, Exserohilum prolatum leaf spot, False smut, Gibberella ear and stalk rot, Gonatobotrys seed rot, Gray ear rot, Head smut, Helminthosporium leaf disease, Late wilt, Phomopsis seed rot, Physalospora ear rot, Physoderma brown spot, Red kernel, Rhizoctonia ear rot, Rhizoctonia root rot, Sclerotinia stalk rot, Sclerotium rolfsii ear rot, Trichoderma ear rot

Bacteria: Bacterial top and stalk rot

Spiroplasmas: Corn stunt

Viruses: Maize mosaic, Maize white line mosaic

Part 3: Diseases that are not Seedborne or Seed Transmitted

Fungi: Ascochyta leaf spot, Ceratocystis paradoxa leaf spot, Common rust, Corn gray spot, Didymella leaf spot, Eyespot, Gaeummanomyces graminis root rot, Gray leaf spot, Green ear disease, Helminthosporium pedicellatum root rot, Helminthosporium sativum root rot, Helminthosporium spp. leaf spots, Leptosphaeria leaf spot, Marasmiellus root and stalk rot, Microdochium bolleyi root rot, Northern leaf blight, Phaeososphaeria leaf spot, Phaeososphaeria herpotricha leaf spot, Phialophora radicicola root rot, Phyllosticta zeae leaf spot, Pyrenochaeta stalk rot, Pythium root rot, Pythium stalk rot, Pythium zeae leaf spot, Rajasthan downy mildew, Round blotch, Selenophoma leaf spot, Septoria leaf blotch, Southern rust, Spontaneum downy mildew, SWB root rot, Tar spot, Tropical rust, Yellow leaf blight, Zonate leaf spot

Bacteria: Bacterial leaf blight, Bacterial stripe, Bacterial root and stalk rot, Chocolate spot, Halo blight of corn, Holcus spot, Yellow leaf blotch

Mycoplasmas: Maize bushy stunt

Viruses: Barley stripe mosaic, Barley yellow dwarf, Brome mosaic, Cereal chlorotic mottle, Cereal tillering disease, Corn lethal necrosis, Cucumber chlorotic streak, Fiji disease, Guineagrass mosaic, Maize chlorotic dwarf, Maize chlorotic mottle, Maize gooseneck stripe, Maize line, Maize mottle/chlorotic stunt, Maize pellucid ringspot, Maize rayado fino, Maize raya gruesa, Maize red stripe, Maize ring mottle, Maize rough mottle, Maize rough dwarf, Maize streak, Maize stripe, Maize sterile stunt, Maize tassel abortion, Maize vein enation, Maize wallaby ear, Rice black-streaked dwarf, Rice stripe, Sorghum red stripe, Wheat striate

Part 4: Pathogens that Infect Maize by Inoculation Only

Fungi: Claviceps microphela, Helminthorsporium dactylidis, Peronosclerospora miscanthi, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Phymatotrichum omnivorum

Bacteria: Pseudomonas rubrisalbicans

Viruses: Barley yellow striate mosaic virus, Digitaria striate virus, Millet red leaf virus, Northern cereal mosaic virus, Oat pseudo-rosette virus, Oat sterile dwarf virus, Sorghum mosaic virus, Tobacco ringspot virus, Wheat spot mosaic


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