The Earthscan Reader in Environment, Development and Rural Livelihoods

Edited by Samantha Jones and Grace Carswell 
Earthscan  September 2004  

Hardback  278 pp  ISBN 9781844070527      £90.00

Paperback  278 pp  ISBN 9781844070534      £33.00
This new Reader brings together for the first time a core selection of key articles published over the past decade that have helped define the field of 'environment and development'. In three sections the book covers the ways in which the environment and environmental change have been conceptualized or (mis)understood; thematic areas including the affect of population and poverty pressures on the environment; actors in environment and development and the relationship between people and natural resources; and environment and development in practice and theory. Could become the core reading text in this complex, growing field of study and practice.


  • Introduction
  • Part I: Environmental Problems in the Tropics: Challenging the Orthodoxies
  • Part II: Themes in Environment and Development
  • Causes of Environmental Change
  • Agents and Approaches in Environment and Development
  • Property, Institutions and Community-based Management
  • Section III: Analytical Approaches in Environment and Development
  • Tools for Analysis
  • Conceptual Frameworks in Environment and Development
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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