The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Agriculture

Edited by Jules Pretty 
Earthscan  September 2005  

Paperback  304 pp  ISBN 9781844072361      £33.00

Hardback  304 pp  ISBN 9781844072354      £90.00
Part of the Earthscan Reader Series
  • Only reader of its kind in this field, edited by the world's leading expert on sustainable agriculture
  • Maps out the complex subject area of sustainable agriculture; introduces and explains key hard-to-find literature
  • Highly accessible
  • The essential student reference text
Our agricultural and food systems are not meeting everyone's needs, and despite great progress in increasing productivity over the past century, hundreds of millions of people remain hungry and malnourished. This book describes a different form of agriculture: one founded more on ecological principles and which is also more harmonious with people, their societies and cultures. The latest in the Earthscan Reader Series, this volume brings together the most influential scholarship in the field, containing both theoretical developments and critical appraisals of evidence addressing what is not sustainable about current or past agricultural and food systems, as well as studies of transitions towards agricultural and rural sustainability at farm, community, regional, national and international levels, and through food supply chains.


  • 1. Historical perspectives on sustainability in agriculture
  • 2. Agrarian and rural perspectives
  • 3. Costs of industrial agriculture
  • 4. Methods and technologies
  • 5. Social persepctives
  • 6. Food systems
  • 7. The 21st century challenge
  • 8. Evidence from developing countries
  • 9. Evidence from industrialized countries
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