Freshwater Microbiology: Biodiversity and Dynamic Interactions of Microorganisms in the Aquatic Environment

David Sigee 
Wiley  December 2004  

Paperback  544 pp  ISBN 9780471485292      £42.00
This textbook takes a broad look at the rapidly expanding field of freshwater microbiology. Concentrating on the interactions between viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi and micro-invertebrates, the book gives a wide biological appeal. Alongside conventional aspects such as phytoplankton characterisation, seasonal changes and nutrient cycles, the title focuses on the dynamic and applied aspects that are not covered within the current textbooks in the field.
  • Complete coverage of all fresh water biota from viruses to invertebrates
  • Unique focus on microbial interactions including coverage of biofilms, important communities on all exposed rivers and lakes.
  • New information on molecular and microscopical techniques including a study of gene exchange between bacteria in the freshwater environment.
  • Unique emphasis on the applied aspects of freshwater microbiology with particular emphasis on biodegradation and the causes and remediation of eutrophication and algal blooms.

Copyright Acknowledgements.

  • 1. Microbial Diversity and Freashwater Ecosystems.
  • 2. Freshwater Environments: The Influence of Physico-Chemical Conditions on Microbial Communities.
  • 3. Algae: The Major Microbial Biomass in Freshwater Systems.
  • 4. Competition for Light.
  • 5. Inorganic Nutrients: Uptake and Cycling in Freshwater Systems.
  • 6. Bacteria: The Main Heterotrophic Microorganisms in Freshwater Systems.
  • 7. Viruses: Major Parasites in the Freshwater Environment.
  • 8. Fungi and Fungal-like Organisms: Aquatic Biota with a Mycelial Growth Form.
  • 9. Grazing Activities in the Freshwater Environment: The Role of Protozoa and Invertebrates.
  • 10. Eutrophication: The Microbial Response to High Nutrient Levels.

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