The Handbook of Plant Genome Mapping: Genetic and Physical Mapping

Edited by Khalid Meksem and Gunter Kahl 
Wiley  February 2005  

Hardcover  402 pages  ISBN 9783527311163      £175.00
While the Human Genome Project has received much public attention, the deciphering of the plant genome, in particular in crop plants, is of great importance for science and industry in such fields as agriculture, biotechnology, and food. It is equally crucial for our understanding of the molecular basis of biodiversity.

This is the first book on the market to cover this topic in such detail, and is set apart by its combination of genetic and physical mapping. Throughout, each chapter begins with an easy-to-read introduction, also making the book the first reference designed for non-specialists and newcomers, too.


Part I: Genetic Mapping.
1 Mapping Populations and Principles of Genetic Mapping (Katharina Schneider).
2 Molecular Marker Systems for Genetic Mapping (Henry T. Nguyen and Xiaolei Wu).
3 Methods and Software for Genetic Mapping (James C. Nelson).
4 Single nucleotide Polymorphisms: Detection Techniques and Their Potential for Genotyping and Genome Mapping (Günter Kahl, Andrea Mast, Nigel Tooke, Richard Shen, and Dirk van den Boom).
5 Breeding By Design: Exploiting Genetic Maps and Molecular Markers Through Marker-assisted Selection (Johan D. Peleman, Anker P. Sorensen, and Jeroen Rouppe van der Voort).

Part II: Physical Mapping.
6 Physical Mapping of Plant Chromosomes (Barbara Hass-Jacobus and Scott A. Jackson).
7 Chromosome Flow Sorting and Physical Mapping (Jaroslav Dole, Marie Kubalakova, Jan Barton, and Jiri Macas).
8 Genomic DNA Libraries and Physical Mapping (Chengwei Ren, Zhanyou Xu, Shuku Sun, Mi-Kyung Lee, Chengcang Wu, Chantel Scheuring, and Hong-Bin Zhang).
9 Integration of Physical and Genetic Maps (Khalid Meksem, Hirofumi Ishihara, and Tacco Jesse).
10 Positional Cloning of Plant Developmental Genes (Peter M. Gresshoff).
11 Whole-genome Physical Mapping: An Overview on Methods for DNA Fingerprinting (Chengcang Wu, Shuku Sun, Mi-Kyung Lee, Zhanyou Xu, Chengwei Ren, Teofila S. Santos, and Hong-Bin Zhang).
12 Software for Restriction Fragment Physical Maps (William Nelson and Carol Soderlund).
13 Reduced Representation Strategies and Their Application to Plant Genomes (Daniel G. Peterson).
14 Large-scale DNA Sequencing (Christopher D. Town).

Subject Index.

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