Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants

Edited by Bob Buchanan, Wilhelm Gruissem and Russell L. Jones 
Wiley  March 2002  

Paperback  1408 pp  ISBN 9780943088396      £85.00
Biochemistry Molecular Biology of Plants is a major contribution to the plant sciences literature, edited by three distinguished scientists, Bob B. Buchanan, Wilhelm Gruissem, and Russell L. Jones, with contributions from more than 50 world-renowned scientists. With over 1,400 pages, 1,100 full-colour original drawings and 500 photographs this work serves as a good reference both for plant biologists and for scientists from other disciplines who are now involved in plant biology.

This book is meticulously organised and richly illustrated, useful both for teaching and for reference. The multi-authored work provides a contemporary view of its subject, including molecular biology, cell biology, and plant physiology, integrated around the themes of:

  • compartmentation
  • cell reproduction
  • energetics
  • metabolism
  • development
This work will be of value to:
  • Plant biologists and scientists in related fields
  • Teachers in departments of plant biology, plant biochemistry, plant physiology, and related fields
  • Graduate and upper-level undergraduate students of plant biology
  • Researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agribusiness industries

Part 1 Compartments
Membrane Structure and Membranous Organelles
The Cell Wall
Membrane Transport
Protein Sorting and Vesicle Traffic
The Cytoskeleton

Part 2 Cell Reproduction
Nucleic Acids
Organization and Expression
Amino Acids
Protein Synthesis, Assembly, and Degradation
Cell Division Regulation

Part 3 Energy Flow
Carbohydrate Metabolism
Respiration and Photorespiration

Part 4 Metabolic and Developmental Integration
Long-Distance Transport
Nitrogen and Sulfur
Biosynthesis of Hormones and Elicitor Molecules
Signal Perception and Transduction
Reproductive Development
Senescence and Programmed Cell Death

Part 5 Plant Environment and Agriculture
Responses to Plant Pathogens
Responses to Abiotic Stresses
Molecular Physiology and Mineral Nutrient Acquisition, Transport, and Utilization
Natural Products (Secondary Metabolites)

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