Fungi: Biology and Applications (2nd edition)

Edited by Kevin Kavanagh 
Wiley  October 2011  

Hardcover  376 pages  ISBN 9780470977101      £90.00

Paperback  376 pages  ISBN 9780470977095      £34.00
Fungi: Biology and Applications, Second Edition provides a comprehensive treatment of fungi, covering biochemistry, genetics and the medical and economic significance of these organisms at introductory level. With no prior knowledge of the subject assumed, the opening chapters offer a broad overview of the basics of fungal biology, in particular the physiology and genetics of fungi and also a new chapter on the application of genomics to fungi. Later chapters move on to include more detailed coverage of topics such as antibiotic and chemical commodities from fungi, new chapters on biotechnological use of fungal enzymes and fungal proteomics, and fungal diseases of humans, antifungal agents for use in human therapy and fungal pathogens of plants.


List of Contributors.

1 Introduction to Fungal Physiology , Graeme M. Walker and Nia A. White
1.1 Introduction, 1.2 Morphology of Yeasts and Fungi, 1.3 Ultrastructure and Function of Fungal Cells, 1.4 Fungal Nutrition and Cellular Biosyntheses, 1.5 Fungal Metabolism, 1.6 Fungal Growth and Reproduction, 1.7 Conclusions

2 Fungal Genetics, Malcolm Whiteway and Catherine Bachewich
2.1 Introduction, 2.2 Fungal Life Cycles, 2.3 Sexual Analysis: Regulation of Mating, 2.4 Unique Characteristics of Filamentous Fungi that are Advantageous for Genetic Analysis, 2.5 Genetics as a Tool, 2.6 Conclusion

3 Fungal Genomics, David Fitzpatrick and Edgar Mauricio Medina Tovar
3.1 Introduction, 3.2 Genome Sequencing, 3.3 Bioinformatics Tools, 3.4 Comparative Genomics, 3.5 Genomics and the Fungal Tree of Life, 3.6 Online Fungal Genomic Resources, 3.7 Conclusion

4 Fungal Genetics: A Post-Genomic Perspective, Brendan Curran and Virginia Bugeja
4.1 Introduction, 4.2 Genomics, 4.3 Transcriptomics and Proteomics, 4.4 Proteomics, 4.5 Systems Biology, 4.6 Conclusion

5 Fungal Fermentations Systems and Products, Kevin Kavanagh
5.1 Introduction, 5.2 Fungal Fermentation Systems, 5.3 Commercial Fungal Products, 5.4 Conclusion

6 Pharmaceutical and Chemical Commodities from Fungi, Karina A. Horgan and Richard A. Murphy
6.1 Introduction to Pharmaceutical and Chemical Commodities, 6.2 Fungal Metabolism, 6.3 Antibiotic Production, 6.4 Pharmacologically Active Products, 6.5 Chemical Commodities, 6.6 Yeast Extracts, 6.7 Enriched Yeast, 6.8 Conclusions

7 Biotechnological Use of Fungal Enzymes, Shauna M. McKelvey and Richard A. Murphy
7.1 Introduction to Enzymes, 7.2 Enzymes in Industry, 7.3 Current Enzyme Applications, 7.4 Future Direction of Industrial Enzymes, 7.5 Specific Enzymes, 7.6 Enzyme Production Strategies, 7.7 Conclusions

8 The Biotechnological Exploitation of Heterologous Protein Production in Fungi, Brendan Curran and Virginia Bugeja
8.1 Introduction, 8.2 Heterologous Protein Expression in Fungi, 8.3 Case Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine: A Billion Dollar Heterologous Protein from Yeast, 8.4 Further Biotechnological Applications of Expression Technology, 8.5 Conclusions

9 Fungal Proteomics, Sean Doyle
9.1 Introduction, 9.2 Protein Isolation and Purification, 9.3 Electrophoretic Techniques, 9.4 Protein Mass Spectrometry, 9.5 Fungal Proteomics 247 9.6 Specialized Proteomics Applications in Fungal Research, 9.7 Conclusion

10 Fungal Infections of Humans, Derek Sullivan, Gary Moran and David C. Coleman
10.1 Introduction, 10.2 Superficial Mycoses, 10.3 Opportunistic Mycoses, 10.4 Endemic Systemic Mycoses, 10.5 Mycotoxicoses, 10.6 Concluding Remarks

11 Antifungal Agents for Use in Human Therapy, Khaled H. Abu-Elteen and Mawieh Hamad
11.1 Introduction, 11.2 Drugs Targeting the Plasma Membrane, 11.3 Drugs Targeting the Cell Wall, 11.4 Drugs Targeting Nucleic Acid and Protein Synthesis, 11.5 Novel Therapies, 11.6 Conclusions

12 Fungal Pathogens of Plants, Fiona Doohan
12.1 Fungal Pathogens of Plants, 12.2 Disease Symptoms, 12.3 Factors Influencing Disease Development, 12.4 The Disease Cycle, 12.5 Genetics of the Plant-Fungal Pathogen Interaction, 12.6 Mechanisms of Fungal Plant Parasitism, 12.7 Mechanisms of Host Defence, 12.8 Disease Control, 12.9 Disease Detection and Diagnosis, 12.10 Vascular Wilt Diseases, 12.11 Blights, 12.12 Rots and Damping-Off Diseases, 12.13 Leaf and Stem Spots, Anthracnose and Scabs, 12.14 Rusts, Smuts and Powdery Mildew Diseases, 12.15 Global Repercussions of Fungal Diseases of Plants, 12.16 Conclusions

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