Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules - Basic Principles and Issues, 2nd Edition

S. F. Sun 
Wiley  February 2004  

Hardcover  576 pp  ISBN 9780471281382      £90.00
Integrating coverage of polymers and biological macromolecules into a single text, Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules is carefully structured to provide a clear and consistent resource for beginners and professionals alike. The basic knowledge of both biophysical and physical polymer chemistry is covered, along with important terms, basic structural properties and relationships.

This book includes end of chapter problems and references, and also:

Enables users to improve basic knowledge of biophysical chemistry and physical polymer chemistry.

Explores fully the principles of macromolecular chemistry, methods for determining molecular weight and configuration of molecules, the structure of macromolecules, and their separations.


Preface to the Second Edition.
Preface to the First Edition.

1. Introduction.
2. Syntheses of Macromolecular Compounds.
3. Distribution of Molecular Weight.
4. Macromolecular Thermodynamics.
5. Chain Configuration.
6. Liquid Crystals.
7. Rubber Elasticity.
8. Viscosity and Viscoelasticity.
9. Osmotic Pressure.
10. Diffusion.
11. Sedimentation.
12. Optical Rotatory Dispersion and Circular Dichroism.
13. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Electrophoresis.
14. Light Scattering.
15. Fourier Series.
16. Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering, Neutron Scattering, and Laser Light Scattering.
17. Electronic and Infrared Spectroscopy.
18. Protein Molecules.
19. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
20. X-Ray Crystallography.
Author Index.
Subject Index.

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