Handbook of Photosensory Receptors

Edited by Winslow R. Briggs and John L. Spudich 
Wiley  March 2005  

Hardcover  496 pages  ISBN 9783527310197      £170.00
This first complete resource on photosensory receptors from bacteria, plants and animals compiles the data on all known classes of photoreceptors, creating a must-have reference for students and researchers for many years to come. Among the editors are the current and a former president of the American Society for Photobiology.


  • Author Information
  • Preface.
  • List of Authors.
  • 1. Microbial Rhodopsins: Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity (J. Spudich & K. Jung).
  • 2. Sensory Rhodopsin Signaling in Green Flagellate Algae (O. Sineshchekov & J. Spudich).
  • 3. Visual Pigments as Photoreceptor (M. Kumauchi & T. Ebrey).
  • 4. Structural and Functional Aspects of the Mammalian Rod-Cell Photoreceptor Rhodopsin (N. Abdulaev & K. Ridge).
  • 5. A Novel Light-Sensing Pathway in the eye: Conserved Features of Inner Retinal Photoreception in Rodents, Man, and Teleost Fish (M. Hankins & R. Foster).
  • 6. The Phytochromes (S. Tu & J. Lagarias).
  • 7. Phytochrome Signaling (E. Huq & P. Quail).
  • 8. Phytochromes in Microorganisms (R. Vierstra & B. Karniol).
  • 9. Light-activated Intracellular Movement of Phytochrome (E. Schäfer & F. Nagy).
  • 10. Plant Cryptochromes: Their Genes, Biochemistry, and Physiological Roles (A. Batschauer).
  • 11. Plant Cryptochromes and Signaling (A. Cashmore).
  • 12. Animal Cryptochromes (R. van Gelder & A. Sancar).
  • 13. Blue-Light Sensing and Signaling by the Phototropins (J. Christie & W. Briggs).
  • 14. LOV-domain Photochemistry (T. Swartz & R. Bogomolni).
  • 15. LOV-domain Structure, Dynamics, and Diversity (S. Crosson).
  • 16. The ZEITLUPE Family of Putative Photoreceptors (T. Schultz).
  • 17. Photoreceptor Gene Families in Lower Plants (N. Suetsugu & M. Wada).
  • 18. Neurospora Photoreceptors (J. Dunlap & J. Loros).
  • 19. Photoactive Yellow Protein, THE Xanthopsin (M. van der Horst, et al.).
  • 20. Hypericin-Like Photoreceptors (P. Song).
  • 21. The Antirepressor AppA Uses the Novel Flavin-Binding BLUF domain as a Blue-Light-Absorbing Photoreceptor to Control Photosystem Synthesis (S. Masuda & C. Bauer).
  • 22. Discovery, Characterization, and Prospect of Photoactivated Adenylyl Cyclase (PAC), a Novel Blue-Light Receptor Flavoprotein from Euglena gracilis (M. Watanabe & M. Iseki).
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