Arabidopsis: A Laboratory Manual

Detlef Weigel and Jane Glazebrook 
CSHL  2002  

Wire bound  354  ISBN 9780879695736      £61.00
The thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana is increasingly popular among plant scientists: it is small, easy to grow, and makes flowers, and the sequence of its small and simple genome was recently completed. This is the most complete and authoritative laboratory manual to be published on this model organism and the first to deal with genomic and proteomic approaches to its biology.


  • Chapter 1: How to Grow Arabidopsis
  • Chapter 2: Obtaining Mutants
  • Chapter 3: Genetic Analysis of Mutants
  • Chapter 4: How to Analyze a Mutant Phenotypically
  • Chapter 5: How to Transform Arabidopsis
  • Chapter 6: How to Isolate a Gene Defined by a Mutation
  • Chapter 7: How to Study Gene Expression
  • Chapter 8: How to Study Gene Function
  • Appendix 1: Where to find information on Arabidopsis
  • Appendix 2: Critical chi-squared Values
  • Appendix 3: Cautions
  • Appendix 4: Suppliers

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