Climate Change in Contrasting River Basins: Adaptation Strategies for Water, Food and Environment

Edited by J Aerts, P Droogers 
CABI  December 2004  

Hardback  288 pp  ISBN 9780851998350      £70.00
This book:
  • Is unique in its focus on adaptation strategies to climate change
  • Explores food, industry and environmental issues
  • Examines the similarities and differences between river basins in contrasting geographical regions
Dealing with climate change is generally considered to be one of the greatest challenges for the coming decades. Changes in precipitation are likely to have a major impact on the hydrological cycle and subsequently on the environment and food production. However, until now clear guidance on how to respond to this challenge, particularly at the river basin level, has been lacking.

This book has been developed from the ADAPT project, focusing on the development of regional adaptation strategies for water, food and the environment in river basins across the world. A generic methodology is presented and applied to seven case studies in contrasting geographical areas of the world: Mekong (SE Asia), Rhine (Western Europe), Sacramento (USA), Syr Darya (Central Asia), Volta (Ghana), Walawe (Sri Lanka) and Zayandeh (Iran).

Readership: Climatology, geography, hydrology, ecology, agriculture, environmental studies


  • Adaptation for Regional Water Management, J Aerts and P Droogers
  • Evaluating Downscaling Methods for Preparing Global Circulation Model (GCM) Data for Hydrological Impact Modelling, L M Bouwer, J Aerts, G M van de Coterlet, Free University, The Netherlands, N van de Giesen, Bonn University, Germany, and A Gieske and C Mannaerts, International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, The Netherlands
  • Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change to Sustain Food Security, P Droogers, J van Dam, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, J Hoogeveen, FAO, Italy, and R Loeve, FutureWater, The Netherlands
  • Water for the Environment: Exploring Adaptations to Climate Change in River Basins, R Lasage, Free University, The Netherlands, and J Aerts
  • How Much Water will be Available for Irrigation in the Future? The Syr Darya Basin (Central Asia), O S Savoskul, and E V Chevnina, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
  • Maintaining Sustainable Agriculture Under Climate Change. Zayandeh Rud Basin (Iran), S Morid, A R Massah, M Agha Alikhani and K Mohammadi, Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran
  • Increasing Climate Variability in the Rhine Basin: Business as Usual?, H Klein and K J Douben, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands, W van Deursen, Carthago Consultancy, The Netherlands, and E de Ruyter van Steveninck, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands
  • Will We Produce Sufficient Food Under Climate Change? Mekong Basin (South East Asia), C T Hoanh, International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka, H Guttman, Mekong River Commission Secretariat, Cambodia, P Droogers and J Aerts
  • Can We Maintain Food Production Without Losing Hydropower? The Volta Basin (West Africa), W Andah, Water Research Institute, Ghana, N van de Giesen, A Huber-Lee, Stockholm Environment Institute, USA, and C A Biney, Water Research Institute, Ghana
  • Will There be Sufficient Water Under Internal and External Changes? Walawe Basin, Sri Lanka, H M Jayatillake, Irrigation Department, Sri Lanka, and P Droogers
  • How Can We Sustain Agriculture and Ecosystems? The Sacramento Basin (California, USA), A Huber-Lee, D Yates, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA, D Purkey, Natural Heritage Institute, USA, W Yu, Stockholm Environment Institute, USA, C Young, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA, and B Runkle, Stockholm Environment Institute, USA
  • Food Demand and Production: A Global and Regional Perspective, K Strzepek and A McCluskey, University of Colorado, USA, J Hoogeveen, and J van Dam
  • Adaptation to Climate Change: A Research Agenda for the Future, J Aerts, P Droogers, and S Werners, Climate Change and Biosphere Research Centre, The Netherlands
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