Phoma Identification Manual: Differentiation of Specific and Infra-specific Taxa in Culture

G H Boerema, J de Gruyter, M E Noordeloos, M E C Hamers  Edited by G H Boerema, J de Gruyter, M E Noordeloos, M E C Hamers 
CABI  May 2004  

Hardback  448 pp  ISBN 9780851997438      £100.00
This book provides:
  • Cultural descriptions of 223 specific and infra-specific taxa of Phoma
  • 1146 synonyms in various Coelomycetes genera
  • Various tables on host relations or connections are given as well as indices to all fungal taxa and hosts mentioned
Phoma is a genus of fungi within the Coelomycetes. These fungi are commonly and frequently recovered in culture from all ecological situations, but are very difficult to identify. There has been a great need for a practical manual to aid such identification, and this book will fill that gap. It provides line drawings and keys for the identification of common pathogenic and saprotrophic species of Phoma in vitro, with references to additional diagnostic literature, representative cultures and documentation of the numerous synonyms formerly used in the mycological and phytopathological literature.

Readership: Researchers in mycology, plant pathology and microbiology.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Nomenclature of the genus and its sections
  • The generic characteristics
  • The methods used for differentiation and identification
  • Entries to the differentiation of the sections
  • Notes on 'adjacent' or 'convergent' genera
  • Entries to the species per section
  • A Phoma sect Phoma
  • B Phoma sect Heterospora
  • C Phoma sect Paraphoma
  • D Phoma sect Peyronellaea
  • E Phoma sect Phyllostictoides
  • F Phoma sect Sclerophomella
  • G Phoma sect Plenodomus
  • H Phoma sect Macrospora
  • I Phoma sect Pilosa
  • Miscellaneous
  • References
  • Index of fungus names
  • Index of substrata
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