Biodiversity of West African Forests: An Ecological Atlas of Woody Plant Species

Edited by P D Bridge, P Jeffries, P R Scott 
CABI  January 2004  

Hardback  528 pp  ISBN 9780851997346      £120.00
This book
  • Includes an atlas with ecological profiles of 280 rare plant species and 56 large timber species
  • presents each species profile as a one-page entry including a colour photograph and distribution map
  • Provides background chapters that review the nature and diversity of the forests
The rain forests of West Africa have been designated as one of the world's hotspots of biodiversity. They extend from Ghana to Senegal and are referred to as the Upper Guinean forests. Because of their isolated position, they harbour a large number of rare and endemic animal and plant species.

This book focuses on the biodiversity and ecology of these forests. It analyses the factors that give rise to biodiversity and structure tropical plant communities. It also includes an atlas with ecological profiles of rare plant species and large timber species.

Readership: This book will appeal to researchers working in forestry, biodiversity, plant ecology and conservation.


  • West African forests: Introduction L Poorter, F Bongers and R H M J Lemmens
  • Forest cover changes in Côte d€Ivoire and Upper Guinea C Chatelain, H Dao, L Gautier and R Spichiger
  • The forest-savannah transition in West Africa L Gautier and R Spichiger
  • The forests of Upper Guinea: Gradients in large species composition F Bongers, L Poorter and W D Hawthorne
  • Floristic diversity of closed forests in Côte d€Ivoire F N Kouamé, K E Kouadio, K Kouassi and L Poorter
  • Biodiversity hotspots in West Africa; patterns and causes J J Wieringa and L Poorter
  • What explains the distribution of rare and endemic West African plants? M Holmgren, L Poorter and A Siepel
  • Implications for conservation and management F Bongers, L Poorter, V Beligné, W D Hawthorne, F N Kouamé, M P E Parren and D Traoré
  • Ecological profiles of rare and endemic species M Holmgren, L Porer, A Siepel, F Bongers, M Buitelaar, C Chatelain, L Gautier, W D Hawthorne, T Helmink, C Jongking, H J Os Breijer, J J Wieringa and R van Zoest
  • Ecological profiles of large timber species A Siepel, L Poorter and W D Hawthorne
  • Checklist of Upper Guinea forest species C C H Jongking and J J Wieringa
  • Appendices
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