Valuing Mediterranean Forests: Towards Total Economic Value

Edited by M Merlo, L Croitoru 
CABI  April 2005  

Hardback  448 pp  ISBN 9780851999975      £100.00
This book
  • Draws attention to the less well-known economic benefits of Mediterranean forests
  • Brings together a large amount of existing and new data and information into a coherent analytical framework
  • Provides recommendations for improving sustainable forest policy and management
It provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic value of Mediterranean forests, including not only the more obvious benefits (e.g. timber), but also the less commonly-measured public goods (e.g. tourism and conservation) that these forests provide. It brings together forest valuations at the national level from eighteen Mediterranean countries, based on extensive local data collection, and thus allows comprehensive analyses within countries as well as comparative analyses across countries. Forest benefits were classified within the Total Economic Value (TEV) framework. The book describes the valuation techniques used and examines ways to overcome the problems encountered. The book explores the research findings in the context of the institutions and policies that affect Mediterranean forests and proposes new policy approaches for improving forest policies and management at the national, regional and local levels. It is also shown how the methodologies used can be applied to other regions.

Readership: Students, practitioners and policy-makers in forestry, environmental and natural resource economics.

Introduction, M Merlo and L Croitoru

Part I. Mediterranean forest values
The state of Mediterranean forests, M Merlo, and P Paiero, University of Padua, Italy
Concepts and methodology: a first attempt towards quantification, M Merlo and L Croitoru
Mediterranean forest values, L Croitoru and M Merlo

Part II. Country situations
Morocco, M Ellatifi, Department of Water, Forests and Desertification Control, Morocco
Algeria, A Nédjahi and M Zamoum, National Institute of Forest Research, Algeria
Tunisia, H Daly-Hassen, National Institute of Research on Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry, Tunisia, and A Ben Mansoura, Arab Center for Studies of Arid Zones and Drylands, Syria
Egypt, L Croitoru
Palestine, R Ghattas, N Hrimat and J Isaac, Applied Research Institute Jerusalem, West Bank
Israel, A Gafni, Jewish National Fund, Israel
Lebanon, E Sattout, S Talhouk and N Kabbani, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Syria, I Nahal and S Zahoueh, Aleppo University, Syria
Turkey, M F Türker, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, M Pak, Kahramanmaras Sütçüimam University, Turkey, and A Öztürk, Kaftas University, Turkey
Cyprus, Department of Forests, Cyprus
Greece, V Kazana, Technological Education Institute of Kavala, Greece, and A Kazaklis, Centre for Integrated Environmental Management, Greece
Albania, K Dano, Directorate of Forests and Pastures, Albania
Croatia, R Sabadi, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and D Vuletic and J Gracan, Forest Research Institute, Croatia
Slovenia, R Mavsar, L Kutnar and M Kovac, Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia
Italy, L Croitoru, P Gatto, University of Padua, Italy, M Merlo and P Paiero
France, C Montagné, J-L Peyron, A Niedzwiedz and O Colnard, Laboratoire d'Economie Forestiere, UMR ENGREF/INRA, France
Spain, P Campos Palacin, Institute of Economics and Geography, Madrid, Spain, E Sanjurjo, Instituto Nacional de Ecologia, México, and A Caparros, Institute of Economics and Geography, Madrid, Spain
Portugal, A M S C Mendes, Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal

Part III. Towards a Mediterranean forests multipurpose policy
Institutional and policy implications in the Mediterranean region, P Gatto and M Merlo
Decentralization and participation: key challenges for Mediterranean public forest policy, E Rojas Briales, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
The need for an international agreement on Mediterranean forests, A M S C Mendes

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