Nematology: Advances and Perspectives Vol II: Nematode Management and Utilization

Edited by Z X Chen, S Y Chen, D W Dickson 
CABI  October 2004  

Hardback  608 pp  ISBN 9780851996462      £100.00
Nematodes are the most abundant and diversified group in the animal kingdom, with four out of five animals on earth being nematodes. Nematology was first recognised as an independent discipline during the early part of the century and since that time has made unparalleled advances to become an integral part of biological sciences.

Written as two volumes, this title provides a broad overview of our current knowledge of nematology. The first volume addresses basic biology, while the second volume covers applied aspects of nematodes as parasites of plants, humans and other animals, or as disease vectors, and the control of pest nematodes. The contributors to this work include the world's leading authorities from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, New Zealand, UK and USA. It will provide essential reading for researchers and students with an interest in nematology.

Readership: Invertebrate zoology, ecology and crop protection

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