Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods

Edited by R E Evenson 
CABI  April 2004  

Hardback  288 pp  ISBN 9780851997476      £85.00
  • Chapters are based on papers presented at meetings of the International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research, held in Ravello, Italy
  • Case studies cover a range of countries, including the USA, several European countries, Japan, New Zealand and Colombia
In recent years there have been increasing concerns about the potential health risks of genetically modified foods. Consumer perceptions vary between countries, but are probably most pronounced in Europe and least in North America. These have had a profound and controversial effect on the development of markets for GM products.

This book presents a compilation of studies of consumer acceptance of GM foods. These studies utilized different methods and evidence including: price and expenditure data; experimental methods; "willingness to pay"; consumer attitudes; and economic consequences.

Readership: Biotechnology, agricultural and food economics


Do Agricultural commodity prices respond to GMO bans?, J L Parcell and N G Kalaitzandonakes, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Consumer acceptance and labelling of GMOs in food products: A study of fluid milk demand, K Kiesel, D Buschena and V Smith, Montana State University, USA
Consumer purchasing behaviour towards GM foods in The Netherlands, L Marks, N G Kalaitzandonakes,
University of Missouri-Columbia, USA and S Vickner, University of Kentucky, USA

The welfare effects of implementing mandatory GM labelling in the USA, W E Huffman, Iowa State University, USA, M Rousu, Research Triangle Park, USA, J F Shogren, University of Wyoming, USA and A Tegene, FRED, Washington, USA
Using simulated test marketing to examine purchase interest in food products that are positioned as GMO-free, M M Wolf, A Stephens and N Pedrazzi, California Polytechnic State University, USA

Measuring the value of GM traits: The theory and practice of willingness-to-pay analysis, S Olubobokun and P W B Phillips, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Willingness to pay for GM food labeling in New Zealand, W Kaye-Blake, K Bicknell and C Lamb, Lincoln University, New Zealand
Contingent valuation of breakfast cereals made of non-biotech ingredients, W Moon and S Balasubramanian, Southern Illinois University, USA
A Comparative analysis of consumer acceptance of GM foods in Norway and in the USA, W D Chern, Ohio State University, USA and K Rickertsen, Agricultural University of Norway
Comparing consumer responses toward GM foods in Japan and Norway, J J McCluskey, Washington State University, USA, K M Grimsrud, University of Guelph, Canada and T I Wahl, Washington State University, USA
Willingness to pay for GM foods: Results from a public survey in the USA, H-Y Chen and W S Chern, Ohio State University, USA

PART IV. STUDIES OF CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE A Comparison of consumer attitudes towards GM food in Italy and the USA, M M Wolf, California Polytechnic State University, USA, P Bertolini, Facolta di Economia, Italy and J Parker-Garcia, California Polytechnic State University, USA
Consumer attitudes towards GM food in Ireland and the US, M M Wolf, California Polytechnic State University, USA, et al
Attitudes toward GM food in Colombia, D Pachico, CIAT, Colombia and M M Wolf, California Polytechnic State University, USA
Consumer acceptance and development perspectives of functional food in Germany, H Dustmann and H Weindlmaier, Technische Universitat, Germany
Factors explaining opposition to GMOs in France and Europe, S Bonny, INRA, France

Introducing novel protein foods in the EU: Economic and environmental impacts, X Zhu, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, E van Ierland, and Justus Wesseler
Consumer attitudes towards GM foods: The modelling of preference changes, C P Nielsen, Danish Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Economics, Denmark, et al

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