The Genetic Diversity of Cacao and its Utilization

B G D Bartley 
CABI  April 2005  

Hardback  368 pp  ISBN 9780851996196      £100.00
This book
  • Discusses the procedures for collecting and conserving the diversity of Cacao
  • Is the only comprehensive treatment of the subject
  • Contains 32 pages of colour plates
The cacao (Theobroma cacao) plant is an important Neo-Tropical species whose natural habitat is the Amazon basin. Over the last 30 years there has been a considerable geographical expansion in the availability of cacao genetic resources. As a result the plant has a rich genetic diversity that exists at two levels: that of the primitive populations in the area of original distribution of the species, and that of the derived cultivated populations.

This book provides a comprehensive review of our current knowledge of the diversity of the species. It starts by examining the diversity and inheritance of the characteristics of primitive populations in the Amazonian and Caribbean regions. It then looks at the evolution of diversity within cultivated populations first in South America and around the Caribbean, and then beyond the Americas. The book describes the inter-relationships between populations based on morphological and molecular markers. It also examines the conservation of genetic resources and how these genetic resources can be utilized to produce new cultivars.

Readership: Plant genetics and breeding, botany, cocoa and the chocolate industry


  • Foreword, Tony Lass
  • The Background to the Subject: Concepts and a Brief History
  • The Terminology Specific to Cacao
  • The Indicators of Variability
  • The Manifestation of the Diversity and its Conservation
  • The Foundations of the Diversity
  • The Amazonian Region
  • The Circum-Caribbean Region
The Cultivated Populations as Secondary Depositories of the Diversity
  • Introduction, Part 1: South America - Populations Derived from an Amazonian Region Germplasm Base, Part 2: The Circum-Caribbean Region and Neighbouring Territories Populations that Evolved from a Criollo Germplasm Base Part 3: Cacao Beyond the Americas - The Export
The Genetics of the Diversity
  • The Relationships among Populations
  • The Utilization of the Genetic Resources
  • Epilogue - Final Remarks
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