Agricultural Research Policy in an Era of Privatization

Edited by D Byerlee and R G Echeverria 
CABI  July 2002  

Hardback  320 pp  ISBN 9780851996004      £85.00
  • provides discussion of public-private partnerships, public sector reform and other important issues
  • case studies from a range of countries or regions, including Africa, Australia, China, Latin America and The Netherlands Recent decades have witnessed a dramatic shift from public to private sector agricultural research in many developed countries. Developments in plant breeding and biotechnology, for example, have created profitable opportunities for private investment. However, new issues, such as intellectual property rights, have arisen as a consequence. This book discusses these and related issues.

    Readership: Agricultural economics, policy and development. Ag-bio industries including biotechnology.


    PART I Setting the Scene
    The Evolution of Public Research Systems in Developing Countries: Facing New Challenges, D Byerlee, G Alex, and R G Echeverrķa
    The Growing Role of the Private Sector in Agricultural Research, C Pray, Rutgers University, USA

    PART II Private Funding of Research Through Producer Organizations
    Joint Funding of Agricultural Research by Producers and Government in Australia, J Brennan, Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, Australia and J Mullen, New South Wales Agriculture, Australia
    Farmer and Industry Funding of Agricultural Research in Colombia, R D Estrada, CONDESAN, International Potato Center, Colombia, F Holmann, and R Posada, CIAT, Colombia
    Financing Agricultural Research by Producers' Organizations in Africa, J Kangasniemi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
    Partnership of Producer and Government Financing to Reform Agricultural Research in Uruguay, M Allegri, National Agriculture Research Institute, Uruguay

    PART III Public-Private Partnerships in Conducting Research
    Public-Private Cooperation in Agricultural Research : Examples from the Netherlands, K van der Meer, World Bank, USA
    Public-Private Interactions and Technology Policy in Innovation Processes for Zero Tillage in Argentina, J Ekboir, CIMMYT, Mexico and G Parellada, INTA, Buenos Aires
    Public-Private Sector Interaction in the Indian Agricultural Research System: An Innovation Systems Perspective on Institutional Reform, A Hall, ICRISAT, India, R Sulaiman, ICAR, India, N Clark, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, M V K Sivamohan, and B Yoganand, ICRISAT, India

    PART IV Public-Sector Response to Growing Privatization
    Privatization of Plant Breeding in Industrialized Countries: Causes, Consequences, and the Public Sector Response, P W Heisey, US Department of Agriculture, USA, C S Srinivasan, University of Reading, UK and C Thirtle, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK
    Plant Breeding Research in Developing Countries: What Roles for the Public and Private Sectors? M Morris, CIMMYT, Mexico and B Ekasingh, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
    Managing Intellectual Property and Income Generation in Public Research Organizations, K Fischer, University of Queensland, Australia and D Byerlee
    Reforming China's Agricultural Research System, J Huang, R Hu, Chinese Academy of Science, China, C Pray, Rutgers University, USA and S Rozelle, University of California, USA
    Financing Agricultural Research by Competitive Funds, R G Echeverrķa and H Elliott, ISNAR, USA
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