Environmental Geochemistry

Edited by B. Sherwood Lollar 
Elsevier Science  April 2005  

Paperback  648 pp  ISBN 9780080446431      £67.00
  • Comprehensive and authoritative scope and focus
  • Reviews from renowned scientists across a range of subjects, providing both overviews and new data, supplemented by extensive bibliographies
  • Extensive illustrations and examples from the field

This volume focuses on natural and anthropogenic environmental contaminants and their implications for human health and the environment. Environmental impacts on soils, groundwater, freshwater, the oceans and atmosphere are examined in the context of both inorganic geochemistry (metals, metalloids, radioactive compounds, mineral dusts, dissolved salts, acidification) and organic geochemistry (halogenated and non-halogenated hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, fuel oxygenates, pesticides, nutrients). Issues of risk, toxicity and exposure assessment; contaminant fate and transport; remediation and disposal; and source identification are examined in this context.

Readership: Upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in geochemistry, ecology, earth, and soil sciences, especially those with interest in global change or environmental chemistry.


  • 1. Risk, toxicity and exposure assessment (R.J. Watts).
  • 2. The metalloids - arsenic and selenium (J.A. Plant, F.M. Fordyce, D.G. Kinniburgh, P.L. Smedley).
  • 3. Heavy metals in the environment (E. Callender).
  • 4. Geochemistry of Hg in the environment (W.F. Fitzgerald, C.H. Lamborg).
  • 5. Acid mine drainage (D.W. Blowes).
  • 6. Geochemistry of radioactive environmental contamination (M.D. Siegel, C. Bryan).
  • 7. Geochemistry of industrial mineral hazards (G.S. Plumlee).
  • 8. Nutrients and eutrophication.
  • 9. Salinization (A. Vengosh).
  • 10. Acid deposition and acidification (S.A. Norton, J. Veselý).
  • 11. Photochemical smog and tropospheric ozone (S. Sillman, V. O'Malley).
  • 12. Hydrocarbon fuels and fuel oxygenates (I.M. Cozzarelli, A.L. Baehr).
  • 13. Non-halogenated hydrocarbons and other petroleum distillates (T.A. Abrajano).
  • 14. Halogenated hydrocarbons (P. Adriaens).
  • 15. Pesticides (J.E. Barbash).
  • 16. The geochemistry of waste disposal facilities (P.L. Bjerg, T.H. Christensen, H.-J. Albrechtsen, I.M. Cozzarelli).
  • 17. Geochemical fingerprint (S.A. Macko).
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