Interfacial Separation of Particles

Shouci Lu , Robert Pugh and Eric Forssberg 
Elsevier Science  January 2005  

Hardback  706 pp  ISBN 9780444516060      £196.00
  • Is clearly written based on strong systematic science fundamentals
  • Provides comprehensive coverage on particle technology, mineral processing and water treatment
  • Includes practical examples from the different industrial fields
Interfacial Separation of Particles is concerned with the processing and separation of fine solid particles in liquid solutions using interfacial technology.

Interfacial separation has been finding wide application in many industrial fields, such as pigment and filler production, mineral processing, environmental protection, hydrometallurgy, bioengineering, food and beverage industry and chemical industry.

This book describes all interfacial separation techniques and discusses the general and specific fundamentals of the techniques. The book intends to promote theoretical understanding and the more promising developments of interfacial separation technology whilst broadening the reader's background knowledge of industrial suspensions.

Readership: Post-graduate students, researchers and engineers working in particle technology, mineral processing, environmental engineering, biotechnology


  • Introduction.
  • Surface Properties of Particles.
  • Modification of Particle Surfaces.
  • Particle-Particle Interactions.
  • Industrial Suspensions.
  • Coagulation, Heterocoagulation and Practical Coagulation.
  • Flocculation with Polymers.
  • Hydrophobic Flocculation and Hydrophobic Aggregation Separation (HAS).
  • Magnetic Co-Aggregation and Combined Aggregation.
  • Dispersion of Particles in Liquids.
  • Gas/Liquid Interfacial Separation.
  • Equipment for Interfacial Separation.
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