Science and Technology of Rubber -3rd edition

Edited by James Mark and Burak Erman 
Academic Press  May 2005  

Hardback  768 pp  ISBN 9780124647862      £105.00
  • Explores new applications of rubber within the tire industry, from new filler materials to "green tires" (a tire that has yet to undergo curing and vulcanization).
  • 30% of the material has been revised from the previous edition with the addition of 20% new material, including a chapter on the environment.
  • A mixture of theory, experiments, and practical procedures will offer value to students, practitioners, and research and development departments in industry.
The 3rd edition of The Science and Technology of Rubber provides a broad survey of elastomers with special emphasis on materials with a rubber-like elasticity. As in the 2nd edition, the emphasis remains on a unified treatment of the material; exploring topics from the chemical aspects such as elastomer synthesis and curing, through recent theoretical developments and characterization of equilibrium and dynamic properties, to the final applications of rubber, including tire engineering and manufacturing.

Many advances have been made in polymer and elastomers research over the past ten years since the 2nd edition was published. Updated material stresses the continuous relationship between the ongoing research in synthesis, physics, structure and mechanics of rubber technology and industrial applications. Special attention is paid to recent advances in rubber-like elasticity theory and new processing techniques for elastomers. This new edition is comprised of 20% new material, including a new chapter on environmental issues and tire recycling.

Of interest to practicing engineers involved with materials science and research, specifically in polymer and elastomer science. Professionals and practitioners in the rubber industry, with special emphasis on the tire industry and professional societies interested in promoting efficient and environmentally appropriate systems for the life cycle of rubber products.


  • 1. Rubber Elasticity: Basic Concepts and Behavior,
  • 2. Polymerization,
  • 3. Structure Characterization in the Science and Technology of Elastomers,
  • 4. The Molecular Basis of Rubberlike Elasticity,
  • 5. Dynamic Mechanical Properties,
  • 6. Rheological Behavior of Processing of Unvulcanized Rubber,
  • 7. Vulcanization,
  • 8. Reinforcement of Elastomers by Particulate Fillers,
  • 9. The Science of Rubber Compounding,
  • 10. Strength of Elastomers,
  • 11. The Chemical Modification of Polymers,
  • 12. Elastomer Blends,
  • 13. Thermoplastic Elastomers,
  • 14. Tire Engineering,
  • 15. Recycling.
  • Chapter References.
  • Subject Index.
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