Innovations in Food Packaging

Edited by Han, Jung H. 
Academic Press  July 2005  

Hardback  503 pp  ISBN 9780123116321      £110.00
This book
  • Covers four major food packaging topics:
  • Theories in food packaging
  • Active packaging
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Edible films and coatings
Packaging performs a number of functions in the containment, protection, shipment and selling of goods. Innovations in Food Packaging recognizes that food packaging is a fast-growing area that impacts upon the important areas of product shelf-life and food safety. Each chapter provides information on the scientific background, new material development and utilization, and case studies of the use of new system for perishable food products.

Readership: Specialists in the food packaging industries, scientists involved in shelf-life and food safety, advanced food science students at universities


  • Theory
  • New technologies in food packaging: overview
  • Gas and solute permeation: theory and modeling
  • Migration of food and packaging
  • Quality of packaged
  • Active food packaging
  • Introduction to active food packaging technologies
  • Antimicrobial packaging
  • Packaging containing natural antimicrobial agents
  • Oxygen scavenging packaging
  • Volatile plant extracts against pathogens on packaged foods
  • Commercial use of oxygen scavenging
  • Intelligent packaging and information
  • Intelligent packaging for food preservation
  • Packaging system containing ozone and chlorine dioxide
  • Aroma release and odor removing system
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Introduction to modified atmosphere packaging
  • Prediction of gas composition and quality for fruits and vegetables in MAP system
  • Packaging strategies for fruits and vegetables
  • MAP and quality of fresh chilled meats
  • Centralized packaging of fresh meats
  • Edible films and coatings
  • Edible films and coatings: principles and advantages
  • Agripolymers for edible and biodegradable films
  • Scientific requirements for commercial use of edible coatings on foods
  • Edible coatings on agricultural produces
  • Edible films and coatings from plant-origin proteins
  • Edible films and coatings from animal-origin proteins
  • Emulsion and bi-layer edible films
  • Plasticizers in edible films and coatings
  • Edible films and coatings from starches
  • Edible films and coatings from non-starch polysaccharides
  • Lipid-based edible films and coatings
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