A Dictionary of Plant Pathology (2nd Edition)

Paul Holiday 
Cambridge University Press  2001  

Hardback  331pp, 7 diags, 21 illus, 21 tabs  ISBN 9780521594530      £121.00

Paperback  331pp, 7 diags, 21 illus, 21 tabs  ISBN 9780521594585      £59.00

This comprehensive dictionary provides an essential reference for plant pathologists and agriculturalists at all levels, listing the authoritative names of all major plant pathogens and also many minor ones. The pathogens, which include fungi from over 500 genera, 800 viruses, bacteria, mollicutes, nematodes and viroids, are briefly described and supporting references given. Entries are also given for names of diseases and disorders, crops and their pathology, fungicides, taxonomic groups, terminology, toxins, vectors and past plant pathologists. In total, over 11,000 entries provide a wide-ranging resource for all those working in the discipline. In this new edition over 3000 entries have been added and many existing entries updated and expanded. In addition, common disease names such as `blight' and `canker' are now more conveniently included under the relevant crop.

It contains major texts, abbreviations and conventions, as well as the Dictionary itself.

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