Vital Soil - Function, Value and Properties

Edited by P. Doelman and H.J.P. Eijsackers 
Elsevier Science  November 2004  

Hardback  350 pp  ISBN 9780444517722      £105.00
This book covers
  • Function and value of vital soils
  • Detailed information on how to prevent soil from irreversible stresses
  • Articles on soil life aiming to bridge the gap between science and practice from experienced and well known contributors
Healthy soil, with active soil life, deters long-term soil degradation and ensures that geo-physical processes are undisturbed. Is the vitality of soil under threat due to human civilization? Or is it due to contamination, intensification, and deforestation? Vital Soil aims to look at the effects society is having on soil and contains contributions from recognized experts in soil science.

Readership: Researchers, scientists, & professionals in the soil sciences, earth sciences, and agronomy fields


  • List of contributors.
  • Foreword.
  • Preface.
  • Acknowledgements.
  • I. Introduction.
  • 1. Leading concepts towards vital soil (H. Eijsackers).
  • II. General aspects of vital soils.
  • 2. The formation of soils (N. van Breemen).
  • 3. Vegetation, organic matter and soil quality (W.H.O. Ernst).
  • 4. Soil biota and activity (H.A. Verhoef).
  • III. Integrative approaches in soil biology.
  • 5. The key role of soil microbes (W. Verstraete, B. Mertens).
  • 6. The use of soil invertebrates in ecological surveys of contaminated soils (N.M. van Straalen).
  • 7. Balance and stability in vital soils (P.C. de Ruiter).
  • 8. Soil and higher organisms: from bottom-up relations to top-down monitoring (N.W. van den Brink).
  • IV. Natural attenuation and monitoring.
  • 9. Fate of contaminants in soil (W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg).
  • 10. Ecological soil monitoring and quality assessment (A.M. Breure).
  • V. Synthesis and outlook.
  • 11. Synthesis for soil management (P. Doelman).
  • Subject index.
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