Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations

M.B. Kirkham 
Academic Press  October 2004  

Hardback  520 pp  ISBN 9780124097513      £64.00
  • Within this book principles are presented in an easy-to-understand style
  • Heavily illustrated with more than 200 figures; diagrams are professionally drawn
  • Anatomical figures show root, stem, leaf, and stomata
  • Figures of instruments show how they work
  • The Book is carefully referenced, giving sources for all information
  • Struggles and accomplishments of scientists who developed the theories are given in short biographies.
Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations combines biology and physics to show how water moves through the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. This text explores the instrumentation and the methods used to measure the status of water in soil and plants. The basic methods of tensiometry, pyschrometry, stomatal porometry, as well as newer methods of tension infiltrometry; time domain reflectometry are examined. Principles are clearly presented with the aid of diagrams, anatomical figures, and images of instrumentation. An added feature includes short biographies of important scientists at the end of each chapter.

Intended for graduate students in plant and soil science programs, this book also serves as a useful reference for agronomists, plant ecologists, and agricultural engineers

Readership: Agronomists, horticulturists, agricultural engineers, agricultural climatologists, plant ecologists. Graduate-level courses in soil and plant water relations, upper-level undergraduate, consultants working on military contracts.


  • Introduction
  • Definitions of Physical Units and the International System
  • Structure and Properties of Water
  • Tensiometers
  • Terminology
  • Static Water in Soil
  • Water Movement in Saturated Soil
  • Field Capacity, Permanent Wilting, Available Water, and the Non-Limiting Water Range
  • Penetrometer Measurements
  • Measurement of Oxygen Diffusion Rate
  • Infiltration
  • Pore Volume
  • Measurement of Soil Water Content using Time Domain Reflectometry
  • Root Anatomy and Poiseuille€s Law
  • Water Movement to Plant Roots and Gardner€s Equation
  • Measurement of Water Potential with Thermocouple Psychrometers
  • Measurement of Water Potential with Pressure Chambers
  • Stem Anatomy and Measurement of Osmotic Potential and Turgor Potential
  • Cohesion Theory
  • Electrical Analogues
  • Leaf Anatomy and Elasticity
  • Stomatal Anatomy and Stomatal Resistance
  • Solar Radiation and Black Bodies
  • Measurement of Canopy Temperature with Infrared Thermometers
  • Crop-Water-Stress Index
  • Potential Evapotranspiration
  • Water and Yield
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