Chemical Engineering Design - 5th edition

R K Sinnott and Gavin Towler 
Butterworth-Heinemann  2009  

Softcover  936 pp  ISBN 9780750685511      £50.00
  • The leading chemical engineering design text with over 25 years of established market leadership to back it up; an essential resource for the compulsory design project all chemical engineering students take in their final year
  • A complete and trusted teaching and learning package: the book offers a broader scope, better curriculum coverage, more extensive ancillaries and a more student-friendly approach, at a better price, than any of its competitors
  • Endorsed by the Institution of Chemical Engineers, guaranteeing wide exposure to the academic and professional market in chemical and process engineering.
Chemical Engineering Design is one of the best-known and most widely adopted texts available for students of chemical engineering. It completely covers the standard chemical engineering final year design course, and is widely used as a graduate text. The hallmarks of this renowned book have always been its scope, practical emphasis and closeness to the curriculum. That it is written by practicing chemical engineers makes it particularly popular with students who appreciate its relevance and clarity. Building on this position of strength the fifth edition covers the latest aspects of process design, operations, safety, loss prevention and equipment selection, and much more. Comprehensive in coverage, exhaustive in detail, supported by extensive problem sets at the end of each chapter, a fully worked solutions manual and a suite of valuable software tools, this is a book that students will want to keep to hand as they enter their professional life.

Of interest to International chemical engineering students (undergraduate and graduate) taking IChemE and ISO based courses; students taking process design courses in other process fields, including pharmaceutical, food and bioprocess engineering, mineral processing, production engineering, and equipment design courses; professionals in industry - chemical process, pharmaceutical, petrochemical sectors.


Introduction to design
Fundamentals of material balances
Fundamentals of energy balances (and energy utilisation)
Flow-sheeting; Piping and instrumentation
Costing and project evaluation
Materials of construction
Design information and data
Safety and loss prevention
Equipment selection, specification and design
Separation columns (distillation, absorption and extraction)
Heat-transfer equipment; Mechanical design of process equipment
General site considerations

Full solutions manual online; accompanying design and flowsheeting software tools, plus costing templates and data sources for downloading; complete set of figures in PowerPoint format for lecture slide download by instructors.

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