Edited by A S Raghavendra 
Cambridge University Press  1997  

Hardback  394 pp  ISBN 9780521570008      £110.00

Paperback  394 pp  ISBN 9780521784443      £46.00
This is the first advanced-level treatment that covers the broad range of this important topic within a single volume, so providing a uniquely comprehensive, authorative and self-contained sourcebook, compiled by an international team of experts. As the most fundamental life process on earth, photosynthesis is the focus of a vast body of research, spanning studies of femtosecond reactions at the molecular level through to field studies requiring a whole season of observation. The volume opens by considering the cell and molecular biology of chloroplasts, followed by a section which presents the latest information on the biochemistry and physiology of photosynthesis. These chapters are then complemented by coverage of more ecological and applied aspects, such as photosynthesis and global climate change, and crop productivity, as follows:

Part I. Cell and Molecular Biology of Chloroplasts:

  • Chloroplast structure and development
  • Light harvesting complexes of higher plants
  • Photosystems I and II
  • Chloroplast pigments: chlorophylls and carotenoids
  • Import, assembly and degradation of proteins
  • Expression and regulation of plastid genes
  • Electron transport and energy transduction
Part II. Physiology and Biochemistry:
  • Photosynthetic carbon reduction
  • C4 pathway
  • Crassulacean acid metabolism
  • C3-C4 intermediate photosynthesis
  • Starch-sucrose metabolism and assimilate partitioning
  • Photorespiration and the C2 cycle
  • Assimilation of non-carbohydrate compounds
  • Interaction with respiration and nitrogen metabolism
Part III. Agronomy and Environmental Factors:
  • Leaf/canopy photosynthesis and crop productivity
  • Water and salt stress
  • Photosynthesis at low growth temperature
  • Acclimation to sun and shade
  • Photoinhibition
  • Photosynthesis, respiration and global climatic change
Part IV. Special Topics and Applications:
  • Evolution
  • Modelling leaf/canopy photosynthesis
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence as a diagnostic tool
  • Action of modern herbicides
  • Application in biotechnology

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