Food Texture and Viscosity - Concept and Measurement 2nd edition

Malcolm Bourne 
Academic Press  March 2002  

Hardback  416 pp  ISBN 9780121190620      £85.00
Drawing together literature from a variety of fields, Food Texture and Viscosity includes a brief history of this area and its basic principles. It reviews how texture and viscosity are measured, including the physical interactions between the human body and food, objective methods of texture measurements, the latest advances in texture-measuring instruments, various types of liquid flow, and more.

This revised edition contains approximately 30% new material, including two new chapters on physics and texture and the correlation between physical measurements and sensory assessments. It now includes two-color illustrations and includes a current list of equipment suppliers.

Of interest to food scientists, researchers, sensory specialists, food processors, and industrial food laboratory workers; also advanced undergraduate and graduate students and faculty.


  • Preface
  • 1. Texture, Viscosity and Food
  • 2. Texture-Body Interactions
  • 3. Physics and Texture
  • 4. Principles of Objective Texture Measurement
  • 5. Practise of Objective Texture Measurement
  • 6. Viscosity Measurement
  • 7. Sensory Methods of Texture and Viscosity Measurement
  • 8. Correlation Between Physical Measurements and Sensory Assessments of Texture and Viscosity
  • 9. Selection of a Suitable Test Procedure

Appendix I - Suppliers of Texture and Viscosity Measuring Instruments
Appendix II - Effect of Temperature on Texture Measurements
Appendix III - Conditions of Testing Foods using the TA.XT2 Texture Analyser

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