Biopolymers at Interfaces, Second Edition

Martin Malmsten 
CRC Press  2003  

Hardback  928 pp  ISBN 9780824708634      £197.00
This edition features research from nearly 60 of the profession's most distinguished international authorities. Recognizing emerging developments in biopolymer systems research with fully updated and expanded chapters, the second edition discusses the biopolymer-based multilayer structures and their application in biosensors, the progress made in the understanding of protein behavior at the air-water interface, experimental findings in ellipsometry and reflectometry, and recent developments concerning protein interfacial behavior in microfabricated total analysis systems and microarrays. With over 3000 references, this is an essential reference for professionals and students in surface, pharmaceutical, colloid, polymer, and medicinal chemistry; chemical, formulation, and application engineering; and pharmacy.



  • macromolecular adsorption - a brief introduction;
  • driving forces for protein adsorption at solid surfaces;
  • thermodynamics of adsorption of amino acids, small peptides, and nucleic acid components on silica adsorbents;
  • quantitative modelling of protein adsorption; interfacial behaviour of protein mutants and variants.
  • local and global optical spectroscopic probes of adsorbed proteins;
  • proteins on surfaces - methodologies for surface preparation and engineering protein function;
  • studies on the conformation of adsorbed proteins with the use of nanoparticle technology;
  • scanning calorimetry in probing the structural stability of proteins at interfaces;
  • ellipsometry and reflectometry for studying protein adsorption.
  • interactions of proteins with polymeric synthetic membranes;
  • protein adsorption in intravenous drug delivery;
  • control of protein adsorption in solid-phase diagnostics and therapeutics;
  • protein interfacial behaviour in microfabricated analysis systems and microarrays;
  • protein adsorption in the oral environment; adsorbed biopolymers
  • behaviour in food applications.
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