Chemical Genomics

Edited by Ferenc Darvas, Andras Guttman and Gyorgy Dorman 
CRC Press  2004  

Hardback  280 pp  ISBN 9780824754907      £114.00
  • Surveys applications and studies from specialists in academic, industrial, and governmental sectors in countries around the globe
  • Studies how chemical libraries, automation and basic detection methods, compound storage and handling, database structures, and data mining procedures can be adapted for use in chemical genomics laboratories
  • Examines protein, sequence, and structure databases; protein modeling techniques; and protein function prediction methodologies
      This interdisciplinary reference identifies and elucidates the most influential developments in chemical genomics for improved research and advancement in a diverse array of fields ranging from proteomics, bioinformatics, and microfluidics to drug discovery and toxicology. The book tracks the emergence of a large variety of novel techniques such as the small-molecule drugability of new targets, the generation and synthesis of small-molecule libraries, and the determination of targets and mechanisms by genomic profiling and guides readers in the selection of the most appropriate technology for their specific dilemma by highlighting procedures utilized in other scientific disciplines.

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