Practical Polyphenolics - From Structure to Molecular Recognition and Physiological Action

Edwin Haslam 
Cambridge University Press  1998  

Hardback  438pp, 254 line drawings  ISBN 9780521572057      £99.00

Paperback  438pp, 254 line drawings  ISBN 9780521052351      £43.00
This is the first book to describe the scientific basis for the action of plant polyphenols in a wide range of technologically important phenomena. The book opens with a general summary of polyphenolic structure and a discussion of the physical and chemical basis of non-covalent molecular interactions (the process of molecular recognition) and the means by which polyphenols initiate the many and varied properties they display. There has been a big increase in interest in our ability to understand the importance of polyphenols in areas as diverse as agriculture, ecology and food selection, foodstuffs and nutrition, beverages (astringency and bitterness), natural medicines (the so-called 'French paradox'), floral pigmentation, natural glues and varnishes and the age-old methods for the manufacture of leather. The role of polyphenols in all of these areas is discussed. This book, that will be of value to a wide range of researchers and others with an interest in polyphenolics, presents the information under the following chapter headings:

  • Polyphenols - structure and biosynthesis
  • Molecular recognition
  • Molecular recognition - phenols and polyphenols
  • Taste, bitterness and astringency
  • Maturation - changes in astringency
  • Anthocyanin co-pigmentation - fruit and floral pigments
  • Polyphenols and herbal medicines
  • Quinone tanning and oxidative polymerisation
  • Polyphenols, collagen and leather.

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