Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Edited by Wood, B.J.; Warner, Philip J. 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  396  ISBN 9780306472909      £126.00
Volume 3 in the series The Lactic Acid Bacteria

Beginning with an introduction to relevant genetic techniques, chapters cover all major groups of LAB, including the Bifidobacteria; plasmid biology, gene transfer, phage, and sugar metabolism; gene expression of various LAB; applications for genetically engineered LAB, including the emerging field of medical applications; and the legal and consumer issues that arise from such applications. This resource will set the benchmark for the state of knowledge of LAB genetics and should be of value to food scientists and other researchers working with LAB in its present and future capacities. Professionals using lactic acid bacteria (LAB) for research and/or as working organisms, whether in food and dairy fermentations or in the exciting new field of clinical delivery agents, will find this book invaluable. In addition, professors teaching under- and post-graduates in microbiology, and postgraduate research students will also find this an essential reference work.


  • Preface.
  • 1. Introduction: Background, Relevant Genetic Techniques and Terms; J.E. Rixton, P.J. Warner.
  • 2. Plasmid Biology, Conjugation and Transposition; M.J. Gasson, C.A. Shearman.
  • 3. Comparative Genomics of Bacteriophage Infecting Lactic Acid Bacteria; E. Stanley, et al.
  • 4. Genetics of the Metabolism of Lactose and Other Sugars; E.E. Vaughan, et al.
  • 5. Regulation of Gene Expression in Lactococcus Lactis; O.P. Kuipers, K.J. Leenhouts.
  • 6. Gene Expression in Lactocobacilli; P.A. Pouwels, S. Chaillou.
  • 7. Genetics of Proteolysis in Lactococcus Lactis ; J. Kok, G. Buist.
  • 8. Genetics of Bacteriocin Production in Lactic Acid Bacteria; M. Skaugen, et al.
  • 9. Lactic Acid Bacteria as Mucosal Delivery Systems; J.M. Wells, A. Mercenier.
  • 10. The Genetics of Phage Resistance in Lactococcus Lactis; S.A. Walker, T.R. Klaenhammer.
  • 11. Antibiotic Resistance and Transfer in Lactic Acid Bacteria; M. Teuber, et al.
  • 12. The Ratio between Benefits and Risk of Fermented Foods Produced by Genetically Modified Lactic Acid Bacteria; T. Verrips, A. Ledeboer.
  • Glossary/Abbreviations.
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