Encyclopedia of Food Mycotoxins

M Weidenbörner 

Hardcover  295 pp  ISBN 9783540675563      £158.00
There are various species of fungi which like to grow on food, thereby releasing toxins which might bear a health risk for the consumer. All foods which have been reported to be contaminated with mycotoxins are listed, including data on the degree of contamination, the concentration of the toxins and the country of origin and/or detection of the contaminated food.

All relevant toxin producing fungi, their natural occurence, the possible mycotoxicosis, further the biochemical and physiological effects of mycotoxins, their chemical data and toxicity are treated comprehensively. For each mycotoxin, reference is given to the food at risk.

Written for professionals in the food industry, agriculture, control agencies and everybody involved in food processing, scientists and students in biotechnolgy, food chemistry and microbiology

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