Crisis Management in the Food and Drinks Industry: A Practical Approach - Second edition

C Doeg 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  264 pp  ISBN 9780387233826      £81.00
Crisis Management in the Food and Drinks Industry is the only book to deal comprehensively with the management of communications in the food and drinks industry, including the catering sector, when there is a food related problem, but much of the information in this expanded second edition has a wider relevance.

The second edition sets out the general principles of dealing with a serious problem that has attracted media attention or is likely to do so. It takes a global look at current developments which have changed the face of crisis management forever, including the internet and email, the impact of satellite and cable television, the implications of rolling 24-hour news coverage, and the growth of new forms of communications.

The second edition also examines the activities of extremist organisations as well as product tampering and extortion. The book contains extensive case histories plus model check lists, press releases, product recall advertisements and employee announcements.

Written for all those with an involvement in management, marketing, public relations, science and technology in the food and drinks industry plus anyone involved in crisis management generally plus those involved in education and training


  • The Anatomy of a Crisis.
  • Protecting Your Brands and Reputation.
  • Preparing for the Unthinkable.
  • The Internet: A Two-Edged Sword.
  • Tactics to Avoid Being Caught Off Guard.
  • Product Tampering: A Constant Threat.
  • Issues Tracking and Management.
  • Meeting the Media.
  • Do I Need Help?
  • Sources of Technical Help.
  • The Powers of Enforcement Authorities.
  • Managing a Crisis.
  • Diet and Health.
  • Problems Facing the Food Industry.
  • Dealing With Extremist Organisations and Terrorist Threats.
  • Significant Crises.
  • Interesting Case Histories.
  • Appendix A.
  • Appendix B.
  • Appendix C.
  • Appendix D
  • Appendix E.
  • Appendix F.
  • Appendix G.
  • Index.
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