Collagen - Primer in Structure, Processing and Assembly

Edited by Brinckmann, Jürgen; Notbohm, Holger; Müller, P.K. 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  252 pp  ISBN 9783540232728      £237.00
  • J. Brinckmann: Collagens at a Glance.-
  • J. Engel, H.P. Bächinger: Structure, Stability and Folding of the Collagen Triple Helix.-
  • S. Ricard-Blum, F. Ruggiero, M. van der Rest: The Collagen Superfamily.-
  • T. Koide, K. Nagata: Collagen Biosynthesis.-
  • J. Myllyharju: Intracellular Post-Translational Modifications of Collagens.-
  • D.S. Greenspan: Biosynthetic Processing of Collagen Molecules.-
  • D.E. Birk, P. Bruckner: Collagen Suprastructures.-
  • D.R. Eyre, J.-J. Wu: Collagen Cross-Links
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