Issues in Bioinvasion Science

Edited by Capdevila-ArgŁelles, Laura; Zilletti, Bernardo 
Springer  2005  

Hardcover  147pp  ISBN 9781402029028      £48.00
Biological invasions are a global problem whose local impact can be of great magnitude. The prevention and minimization of the impact of invasive alien species has become a priority because of their negative impact on biodiversity, economy and public health. These are proceedings from EEI 2003: a Contribution to the Knowledge on Invasive Alien Species

Effective responses are needed; cooperation and coordination among countries and/or different sectors of society are a must. To combine and share experiences on biological invasions at international, regional and local level it is essential to develop compatible approaches to common problems.

With this aim, the GEI (Grupo Especies Invasoras) organised the First National Conference on Invasive Alien Species in Spain in 2003. Scientists coming from different parts of the Iberian Peninsula belonging to universities, public administration, NGOs and environmental enterprises and world-renowned experts on biological invasions from other countries responded to this "call for action" and participated in the conference.

Issues in Bioinvasion Science contains key contributions of this conference. The themes included cut across different aspects of non-native species invasions. This volume is essential reading for anyone seeking an understanding of non-native species invasions.

The aim: to go beyond national boundaries in order to tackle these complex biological issues.

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