Introduction to Biocatalysis Using Enzymes and Microorganisms

S. M. Roberts, Nicholas J. Turner, Andrew J. Willetts, Michael K. Turner 
Cambridge University Press  1995  

Hardback  208 pp  ISBN 9780521430708      £72.00

Paperback  208 pp  ISBN 9780521436854      £29.00
This is an introductory text intended to give the non-specialist a comprehensive insight into the science of biotransformations. The book traces the history of biotransformations, clearly spells out the pros and cons of conducting enzyme-mediated versus whole-cell bioconversions and gives a variety of examples wherein the bio-reaction is a key element in a reaction sequence leading from cheap starting materials to valuable end-products (such as pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, fragrances and flavours). Biotransformations involving the hydrolysis of esters, amides and nitriles, the synthesis of esters and amides, reduction and oxidation reactions and carbon-carbon bond-forming systems are discussed. The book finishes with a discussion of some industrially important large-scale bioconversions. The contents are as follows:

  • An historical introduction to biocatalysis using enzymes and microorganisms
  • The inter-relationship between enzymes and cells with particular reference to whole-cell biotransformations using bacteria and fungi
  • Useful intermediates and end-products obtained from whole-cell/enzyme catalysed hydrolysis and esterification reactions
  • Useful intermediates and end-products obtained from biocatalysed oxidation and reduction reactions
  • Useful intermediates and end-products obtained from biocatalysed carbon-carbon, carbon-oxygen, carbon-nitrogen, and carbon-chalcogen bond-forming reactions
  • The application of biocatalysis to the manufacture of fine chemicals
  • Index.

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