Advances in Downy Mildew Research

Edited by P T N Spencer-Phillips, U Gisi, U. and A Lebeda 
Springer  2002  

Hardback  288 pp  ISBN 9781402006173      £144.00
Very significant advances have been made in downy mildew research since the last major text on these oomycete fungi and the diseases they cause was published in 1981. The emphasis in this new volume is on evolution and phylogeny, control with chemicals including those that manipulate host plant defences, mechanisms of resistance, virulence and the gene pool of wild relatives of crop plants. Additionally, definitive lists of binomials and authorities provide a key reference source. The book is relevant to anyone with an interest in these unique biotrophic pathogens, either in their own right as causes of damaging diseases or as model systems for research on host-pathogen interactions. It should be read by: students, teachers and researchers in academic and research institutes; research and development personnel in the agrochemical industries; agricultural and horticultural advisers, and other extension workers.


Preface; P.T.N. Spencer-Phillips.
Towards an Understanding of the Evolution of the Downy Mildews; M.W. Dick.
Host Resistance to Downy Mildew Diseases; B. Mauch-Mani.
Aspects of the Interactions Between Wild Lactuca SPP. and Related Genera and Lettuce Downy Mildew (Bremia Lactucae); A. Lebeda, et al.
Chemical Control of Downy Mildews; U. Gisi.
An ITS-Based Phylogenetic Analysis of the Relationships between Peronospora and Phytophthora; D.E.L. Cooke, et al.
The Sunflower-Plasmopara Halstedii Pathosystem: Natural and Artificially Induced Coevolution; F. Virányi.
Peronospora Valerianellae, the Downy Mildew of Lamb's Lettuce (Valerianella Locusta) G. Pietrek, V. Zinkernagel.
Occurrence and Variation in Virulence of Bremia Lactucae in Natural Populations of Lactuca Serriola; A. Lebeda.
Outcrossing of two Homothallic Isolates of Peronospora Parasitica and Segregation of a virulence Matching Six Resistance Loci in Arabidopsis Thaliana; N.D. Gunn, et al.
Epidemiology and Control of Pearl Millet Downy Mildew, Sclerospora Graminicola, in Southwest Niger; E. Gilijamse, M.J. Jeger.
Effect of Azoxystrobin on the Oospores of Plasmapara Viticola; A. Vercesi, et al.
Effects of Azoxystrobin on Infection Development of Plasmopara Viticola; J.E. Young, et al.
Local and Systemic Activity of BABA (DL-3-Amino-Butyric Acid) Against Plasmopara Viticola in Grapevines; Y. Cohen, et al.
Binomials in the Peronosporales, Sclerosporales and Pythiales; M.W. Dick.

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