European Rural Landscapes: Persistence and Change in a Globalising Environment

Palang, H.; Sooväli, H.; Antrop, M.; Setten, G. 
Springer  2004  

hardback  496 pp  ISBN 9781402020674      £148.00
This book brings together 28 selected papers from two events, the 20th session of the Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape (PECSRL), and a series of workshops, financed by the European Union under the title EURULA. The papers presented in the book focus on aspects of landscape, broadly related to issues of language, representation and power. These are issues that have not been addressed on a pan-European landscape level before. Our aim is to offer a deeper interdisciplinary understanding of historical and contemporary processes in European landscapes with empirical evidence covering much of the continent. The selection of papers is aimed at academics taking an interest in landscape studies and research as well as public planners.


Contributing Authors


  • The Permanence of Persistence and Change.
  • The Languages of Rural Landscapes.
  • "This Is Not a Landscape": Circulating Reference and Land Shaping.
  • Naming and Claiming Discourse.
  • Between Insideness and Outsideness
  • Studying Locals' Perceptions of Landscape.
  • Landscape Consumption in Otepää, Estonia.
  • Countryside Imagery in Finnish National Discourse
  • Religious Places
  • Changing Meanings. The Case of Saaremaa Island, Estonia.
  • Of Oaks, Erratic Boulders, and Milkmaids
  • The Border and the Bordered.
  • A Hidden World? A Gendered Perspective on Swedish Historical Maps.
  • When Sweden Was Put on the Map.
  • Tycho Brahe, Cartography and Landscape in 16th Century Scandinavia.
  • New Money and theLand Market.
  • The Landscape of Vittskövle Estate
  • At the Crossroads of Feudalism and Modernity.
  • Greens, Commons and Shifting Power Relations in Flanders.
  • Enclosure Landscapes in the Uplands of England and Wales.
  • Land Purchase and the Survival of Swedish Ethnicity in Estonia.
  • The Dynamics of Property Rights in Post-Communist East Germany.
  • Different Methods for the Protection of Cultural Landscapes.
  • The Significance of the Dutch GIS Histlands.
  • The Future Role of Agriculture in Rural Communities.
  • Danish Farmers and the Cultural Environment
  • The Human Factor in Biodiversity.
  • Diversity of Estonian Coastal Landscapes: Past and Future.
  • Management Strategies in Forest Landscapes in Norway.
  • Past Landscape Use as an Ecological Influence on the Actual Environment.
  • Can Landscapes Be Read?
  • The Permanent Conference and the Study of the Rural Landscape
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