Tropical Forest Ecology - The Basis for Conservation and Management

Montagnini, Florencia, Jordan, Carl F. 
Springer  2005  

Hardback  295 p. 56 illus.  ISBN 9783540237976      £153.00
Research in tropical forestry is confronted with the task of finding strategies to alleviate pressure on remaining forests, and techniques to enhance forest regeneration and restore abandoned lands, using productive alternatives that can be attractive to local human populations. In addition, sustainable forestry in tropical countries must be supported by adequate policies to promote and maintain specific activities at local and regional scales.

Here, a multi-disciplinary approach is presented, to better the understanding of tropical forest ecology, as a necessary step in developing adequate strategies for conservation and management. The authors have long experience in both academic and practical matters related to tropical forest ecology and management.


  • 1 Importance of Tropical Forests
  • 2 Characteristics of Tropical Forests
  • 3 Classification of Tropical Forests
  • 4 Deforestation in the Tropics
  • 5 Management of Tropical Forests
  • 7 Approaches for Implementing Sustainable Management Techniques
  • 8 Conclusions
  • Subject Index
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