Plant Ecology, Herbivory, and Human Impact in Nordic Mountain Birch Forests

Edited by Wielgolaski, Frans E. 
Springer  2005  

Hardback  365 p. 67 illus. with CD-ROM.,  ISBN 9783540229094      £166.00
The successful long-term sustainable management of forests is dependent on our knowledge of their history, present state, and responses to changing environmental conditions. In this light, the text evaluates the Nordic mountain birch ecosystem with examples from different sites in the Nordic countries and Scotland.

The authors analyse vegetation and soils, and investigate the influence of climate change, insect pests, grazing pressure by sheep and reindeer, construction of roads and other consequences of increasing tourism. The possibilities for a sustainable use of the Nordic mountain birch forests are discussed in various models.

An accompanying CD-ROM contains additional material, including tables, illustrations, and model presentations.


History and Environment of the Nordic Mountain Birch

Soils and Nutrients in Northern Birch Forests: A Case Study from Finnmarksvidda,Northern Norway

Vegetation of the Mountain Birch Forest in Northern Fennoscandia

Biomass and Production on a Landscape Level in the Northern Mountain Birch Forests

Mountain Birch Growth in Relation to Climate and Herbivores

Responses of Temperature Changes on Survival and Growth in Mountain Birch Populations

Phenology and Performance of Mountain Birch Provenances in Transplant Gardens: Latitudinal, Attitudinal and Oceanity-Continentaiity Gradients .

A Dynamic Forest in a Changing Environment

Forest Defoliation Risks in Birch Forests by Insects Under Different Climate and Land Use Scenarios in Northern Europe

Birch Sapling Responses to Severity and Timing of Domestic Herbivore Browsing - Implications for Management

Effects of Reindeer Grazing on Pastures in a Mountain Birch Ecosystem

Long-Term Influence of Herbivores on Northern Birch Forests

Herbivory in Northern Birch Forests

Rates and Processes of Natural Regeneration in Disturbed Habitats

Recreation at the Tree Line and Interactions with Other Land Use Activities

Economic Limits and Possibilities for Sustainable Utilization of Northern Birch Forests

The Vegetation Changes and Recent Impact on the Mountain Birch Forest During the Last Years
Approaches to Mountain Birch Utilization in Northern Sápmi (Finland and Norway)

Sustainable Reindeer Herding in the Mountain Birch Ecosystem

Competition over Nature, Space,Resources, and Management in the Northern Mountain Birch Forest Ecosystem: A Synthesis

Landscape-Scale Model Relating the Nordic Mountain Birch Forest Spatio-temporal Dynamics to Various Anthropogenic Influences,Herbivory and Climate Change

Scenarios for Future Development of the Mountain Birch Ecosystem

Managing the Mountain Birch Ecosystem: Local Communities and the State in Finland's Forestry

Policies and Developing Plans Towards Sustainability of Mountain Birch Ecosystems in Scandinavia

The Nordic Mountain Birch Ecosystem-Challenges to Sustainable Management

Subject Index

CD-ROM containing additional material to Chapters and enclosed at the end of the book

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