Pollination Ecology and the Rain Forest - Sarawak Studies

Edited by Roubik, David; Sakai, Shoko; Hamid, Abg Abdul 
Springer  2005  

Hardback  318 pp  ISBN 9780387213095      £112.00
The groundbreaking canopy-access and rain forest research at Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia, has contributed an immense body of knowledge. Its major studies over more than a decade are synthesized here for the first time. The focus of this unique volume is on plant-animal interactions and some of the foundations that create and maintain tropical diversity, especially pollination and the phenomenon of the General Flowering. The work discussed has implications for tropical biology, ecology, and pollination studies. The power of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation events and drought, particularly in their effects on mutualisms, are discussed in detail.


1. Large Processes with Small Targets: Rarity and Pollination in Rain Forests , David W. Roubik
2. The Canopy Biology Program in Sarawak: Scope, Methods, and Merit, Takakazu Yumoto and Tohru Nakashizuka
3. Soil-Related Floristic Variation in a Hyperdiverse Dipterocarp Forest, Stuart J. Davies, Sylvester Tan, James V. LaFrankie, and Matthew D. Potts
4. Plant Reproductive Phenology and General Flowering in a Mixed Dipterocarp Forest, Shoko Sakai, Kuniyasu Momose, Takakazu Yumoto, Teruyoshi Nagamitsu, Hidetoshi Nagamasu, Abang A. Hamid Karim, Tohru Nakashizuka, and Tamiji Inoue
5. A Severe Drought in Lambir Hills National Park, Rhett D. Harrison
6. The Plant-Pollinator Community in a Lowland Dipterocarp , Kuniyasu Momose and Abang A. Hamid Karim
7. Floral Resource Utilization by Stingless Bees (Apidae, Meliponini), Teruyoshi Nagamitsu and Tamiji Inoue
8. Honeybees in Borneo, David W. Roubik
9. Beetle Pollination in Tropical Rain Forests , Kuniyasu Momose
10. Seventy-Seven Ways to Be a Fig: Overview of a Diverse Plant Assemblage, Rhett D. Harrison and Mike Shanahan
11. Ecology of Traplining Bees and Understory Pollinators, Makoto Kato
12. Vertebrate-Pollinated Plants, Takakazu Yumoto
13. Insect Predators of Dipterocarp Seeds, Michiko Nakagawa, Takao Itioka, Kuniyasu Momose, and Tohru Nakashizuka
14. Diversity of Anti-Herbivore Defenses in Macaranga , Takao Itioka
15. Coevolution of Ants and Plants , Takao Itino
16. Lowland Tropical Rain Forests of Asia and America: Parallels, Convergence, and Divergence , James V. LaFrankie
17. Lambir's Forest: The World's Most Diverse Known Tree Assemblage? , Peter S. Ashton
18. Toward the Conservation of Tropical Forests , Tamiji Inoue

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