Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics for Soil Management

Edited by M.J. Shaffer, Liwang Ma and Soren Hansen 
CRC press  2001  

Hardback  672 pp  ISBN 9781566705295      £92.00
  • Incorporates carbon and nitrogen models in a single, comprehensive source
  • Explains the various mechanisms governing carbon and nitrogen cycling in an agricultural system and how to select the appropriate model
  • Touches on the relationship between carbon/nitrogen modeling and other chemical and biological processes
  • Serves as a key reference for scientists and consultants and as an upper level textbook

Good management practices for carbon and nitrogen are vital to crop productivity and soil sustainability, as well as to the reduction of global greenhouse gases and environmental pollution. Since the 1950's, mathematical models have advanced our understanding of carbon and nitrogen cycling at both the micro- and macro-scales. However, many of the models are scattered in the literature, undergo constant modification, and similar models can have different names.

Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics for Soil Management clarifies the confusion by presenting a systematic summary of the various models available. It provides information about strengths and weaknesses, level of complexity, easiness of use, and application range of each model. In nineteen chapters, internationally known model developers and users update you on the current status and future direction of carbon and nitrogen modeling.

The book's coverage ranges from theoretical comparison of models to application of models to soil management problems, from laboratory applications to field and watershed scale applications, from short-term simulation to long-term prediction, and from DOS-based computer programs to Object-Oriented and Graphical Interface designs. With this broad scope, Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics for Soil Management provides the tools to manage complex carbon/nitrogen processes effectively.


  • Introduction to Simulation of Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Soils, M.J. Shaffer, L. Ma, and S. Hansen
  • Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Upland Soils, M.J. Shaffer and L. Ma
  • Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Wetland Soils, W.F. DeBusk, J.R. White, and K.R. Reddy
  • A Review of Carbon and Nitrogen Processes in nine U.S. Soil Nitrogen Dynamics Models, L. Ma and M.J. Shaffer
  • A Review of Carbon and Nitrogen Processes in European Soil Nitrogen Dynamics Models, M.B. McGechan and L. Wu
  • A Review of Canadian Ecosystem Model - Ecosys, R.F. Grant
  • Application of RZWQM for Nitrogen Management, L. Ma, M. Shaffer, and L. Ahuja
  • Simulated Interaction of Carbon Dynamics and Nitrogen Trace Gas Fluxes Using the DAYCENT Model, S.J. Del Grosso, W.J. Parton, A.R. Mosier, M.D. Hartman, J. Brenner, D.S. Ojima, and D.S. Schimel
  • NLEAP Water Quality Applications in Bulgaria, Dimitar Stoichev, Milena Kercheva, and Dimitranka Stoicheva
  • Use of Simulations for Evaluation of Best Management Practices on Irrigated Cropping Systems, Jorge Delgado
  • NLEAP (NLEAP on STELLA) - A Nitrogen Cycling Model with a Graphical Interface: Implications for Model Developers and Users, S. Bittman, D.E. Hunt, M.J. Shaffer, and T.L. Nelson
  • NLEAP Internet Tools for Estimating NO3-N Leaching and N2O Emissions, M. Shaffer, K. Lasnik, X. Ou, R. Flynn, and C. Xu
  • Modelling the Effects of Manure and Fertilizer Management Options on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Processes, M.B. McGechan, D.R. Lewis, L. Wu, and I.P. McTaggart
  • Parametrisation of Soil Nitrogen Transport Models by Use of Laboratory and Field Data, E. Priesack, S. Achatz, and R. Stenger
  • Application of the Daisy Model for Short- and Long-Term Simulation of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics, L.S. Jensen, T. Mueller, S. Bruun, and S. Hansen
  • Modelling Nitrate Leaching at Different Scales - Application of the Daisy Model, Soren Hansen, Christian Thirup, Jens Christian Refsgaard, and Lars Stoumann Jensen
  • Performance of a Nitrogen Dynamics Model Applied to Evaluate Agricultural Management Practices, K.C. Kersebaum and A.J. Beblik
  • Modeling N Behavior in the Soil and Vadoze Environment Supporting Fertilizer Management at the Farm M.J. ShafferScale, Juan David Piņeros Garcet, Amaury Tilmant, Mathieu Javauz, and Marnik Vanclooster
  • Modeling Transformations of Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen at Differing Scales of Complexity, R.F. Grant
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