Forest Hydrology: An Introduction to Water and Forests, Second Edition

Mingteh Chang 
CRC Press  May 2006  

Hardback  488 pp  ISBN 9780849353321      £70.00
  • Covers five different areas in a single volume: water resources, forest characteristics, forest-water relations, watershed research, and hydrologic measurements
  • Includes references to more than 1200 technical articles, 84 tables and 103 figures
  • Discusses impacts and processes of forest and forest activities on precipitation, evapotranspiration, streamflow quantity and quality, stream sediment, stream habitat, and floods
  • Features state-of-the art technology on watershed research, including a step-by-step example on watershed calibration and treatment assessments
  • Provides a foundation and techniques for those engaged in watershed research, as well as principles, instrumentation, and techniques for those who practice hydrology in the field

Although a few texts on forest hydrology are available, they cover very little, if any, background on water resources. On the other hand, books dealing with water resources do not cover topics on forest-water relations. The one exception to this is Forest Hydrology: An Introduction to Water and Forests. Now with the publication of a revised edition, this volume adds information from recent studies to go even further in providing an introduction to forest hydrology that brings water resources and forest-water relations into a single practical and comprehensive volume

Focusing on processes, and general principles, the first six chapters provide an introduction and basic background in water and water resources, while the last seven chapters look at the impact of forests on water. Between these two groupings is a chapter that serves as an entry to the study of forest impacts on water resources, describing forests and forest characteristics important to water circulation, sediment movement, and stream habitat. Expanded from twelve to fourteen chapters, in addition to updating the entire text, this second edition features a new chapter on forests and flooding, another on forest and stream habitat, new sections on snow vaporization processes, and GIS methods in hydrology research, etc., examples on evaporation estimates, and a new appendix on forest interception measurements.

"The book can be used as a text for students in agriculture, forestry, and land-resources management, and as a reference for foresters, rangers, geographers, watershed managers, biologists, agriculturists, environmentalists, policy makers, engineers, and others who may need such background in their professions." -Falhry A. Assaad, Consultant Geologist and Data Analyst, on the first edition

Forest Hydrology: An Introduction to Water and Forests, Second Edition offers new planning approaches to manage growth, along with innovative ways to conserve natural areas and their ecological benefits. Employing examples and case studies, it provides tools to help natural resource managers play an active role in policymaking and land-use planning, and in developing partnerships with stakeholders. It also offers unique perspectives for addressing urban sprawl.


  • Introduction
  • Functions of water
  • Water as a science
  • Properties of water
  • Water distribution
  • Water resource problems
  • Characteristic forests
  • Forests and precipitation
  • Forests and vaporization
  • Forests and streamflow
  • Forests and stream sediment
  • Forests and flooding
  • Forests and stream habitat
  • Research in forest hydrology
  • Appendices:
    Precipitation measurements;
    Streamflow measurements;
    Measurements of stream sediment;
    Measurements of forest interception
  • Index
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