Air Quality, Fourth Edition

Thad Godish 
CRC Press  2003  

hardback  480 pp  ISBN 9781566705868      £66.00
  • Major revisions to sections on global warming and stratospheric ozone depletion
  • Discussion of public policy concerns, with a focus on air quality standards for ozone depletion and global warming
  • Overview of toxicological principles and risk assessment
  • A glossary of key terms, a Web resource guide, and metric/US units conversion tables
  • Analysis of the control of emissions from stationary sourcesThe welfare effects of air quality on materials, as well as crops, plants, trees, and other organisms
Ozone-destroying chemicals, greenhouse gases, and dangerous airborne substances that were once thought to be benign are the most urgent issues facing air pollution control experts. Students need a thorough, updated reference that explores these current trends while also covering the fundamental concepts of this emerging discipline.

A new revision of a bestseller, Air Quality, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive overview air quality issues, including a better understanding of atmospheric chemistry, the effects of pollution on public health and the environment, and the technology and regulatory practices used to achieve air quality goals.

New sections cover toxicological principles and risk assessment. The book also contains revised discussions on public policy concerns, with a focus on air quality standards for ozone depletion and global warming, and the health effects of particulate air pollutants.

This edition continues to serve as a very readable text for advanced level undergraduate and early graduate study in environmental science, environmental management, and in programs related to the study of public health, industrial hygiene, and pollution control.


The Atmosphere
Chemical Composition
Physical Phenomena
Atmospheric Motion
Evolution of the Atmosphere

Atmospheric Pollution and Pollutants
Natural Air Pollution
Anthropogenic Air Pollution
Gas-Phase Pollutants
Atmospheric Particles

Atmospheric Dispersion, Transport and Deposition
Dispersion and Transport
Atmospheric Removal and Deposition Processes
Meteorological Applications: Air Pollution Control

Atmospheric Effects
Thermal Air Pollution
Effects on Precipitation and Precipitation Processes
Atmospheric Deposition
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
Global Warming

Health Effects
Air Pollution Episodes
Pollutant Exposures and Cause-Effect Relationships
Impact of Pollutants on the Human Body
Health Effects of Regulated Air Pollutants
Personal Air Pollution
Risk Assessment and Management

Welfare Effects
Effects on Agricultural Crops, Ornamental Plants, and Trees
Effects on Domesticated Animals
Ecological Effects
Effects on Materials
Odor Pollution

Air Quality and Emissions Assessment
Air Quality Monitoring
Emissions Assessment
Air Quality Modeling

Regulation and Public Policy
Non-Regulatory Legal Remedies
Regulatory Strategies and Tactics
Federal Legislative History
Air Pollution Control Under the 1970, 1977, and 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments
State and Local Air Pollution Control Functions
Public Policy Issues

Control of Motor Vehicle Emissions
Motor Vehicle Engines
Automotive Fuels
Low Emission and Zero Emission Vehicles

Control of Emissions from Stationary Sources
Control Practices
Gas Cleaning Technology
Control of Particulate-Phase Pollutants
Control of Gas-Phase Pollutants

Indoor Air Quality
Personal, Indoor, and Outdoor Pollutant Relationships
Indoor Air Quality Concerns
Major Indoor Pollutants
Problem Buildings
Investigating Indoor Air Quality Problems
Measurement of Indoor Contaminants
Prevention and Control Measures
Indoor Air Quality and Public Policy

Environmental Noise
Sound and Its Measurement
Sound Exposure Descriptors
Effects of Environmental Noise Exposure
Non-Regulatory and Regulatory Control Approaches

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