Bacterial Plant Pathology - Cell and Molecular Aspects

David C Sigee 
Cambridge University Press  May 1993  

Paperback  337 pp  ISBN 9780521619677      £38.00
This book brings together bacterial structure and function, taxonomy, environmental microbiology, induction and development of plant disease, molecular genetics and disease control, emphasising exciting developments in cell and molecular biology. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, illustrated with numerous tables, diagrams and photographs, under the following chapter headings:

  • Bacteria as plant pathogens
  • Bacterial structure and function
  • Taxonomy of plant pathogenic bacteria classification, nomenclature and identification
  • Plant pathogenic bacteria in the environment
  • The infection process
  • Compatible interactions: the hypersensitive response
  • Bacterial virulence and plant disease
  • Genetical analysis of plant pathogenic bacteria
  • Disease control.

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