Industrialization of Indigenous Fermented Foods, Second Edition

Edited by Keith Steinkraus 
CRC Press  2004  

Hardback  600pp  ISBN 9780824747848      £170.00
  • the manufacture of tempe in Indonesia, the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan
  • Japanese natto fermentation, African dawadawa, and Indian kenima
  • large scale production of fish sauces and pastes
  • Mexican pulque
  • the industrialization of various indigenous fermented food products
  • the increasing importance of fermented foods in the United States and Western Europe
Completely revised and expanded, this Second Edition presents the most recent innovations in the processing of a wide range of indigenous fermented foods ranging from soy sauce to African mageu. The book serves as the only comprehensive review of indigenous fermented food manufacture from ancient production methods to industrialized processing technologies for clear understanding of the impact of fermented food products on the nutritional needs of world communities. It provides authoritative studies from more than 24 internationally recognized professionals on various processing and control technologies, biochemical and microbiological information, and manufacturing and production procedures.

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