The Nature of Diseases in Plants

Robert P Scheffer 
Cambridge University Press  April 1997  

Hardback  335 pages, 44 illustrations  ISBN 9780521482479      £94.00

Paperback  335 pp  ISBN 9780521037945      £38.00
This book explains how plants get diseases. It covers the origins and evolution of parasites and shows how the great plant epidemics developed. The basic premise of the book is that the conditions favouring disease are inherent in agriculture and that diseases become destructive because of human activities. It also deals with the mechanisms whereby people have dealt with plant diseases in history. Included in the book are the natural histories of some of the most damaging plant diseases, worldwide, with discussions of why each became destructive. Diseases are grouped according to the most significant factors in the development of epidemics: which in every case has been due to a human factor. Discussion of each model disease proceeds from observable facts to more complex concepts; thus even the reader with little knowledge of plant pathology should find the book easily understandable. The contents are as follows:

Part I. Basic Biology and Control of Plant Diseases:

  • Causes and spread of plant disease
  • How pathogens attack plants
  • How plants defend against pathogens
  • Ecological considerations
  • Disease controls and their limitations
Part II. Natural History Of Some Destructive Diseases:
  • Native plants, alien pathogens
  • Alien plants, native pathogens
  • Pathogens overtake movement of crop plants
  • Crop monoculture: removal of ecological restraints
  • Crop monoculture: genetic adaptability of pathogens
  • Monoculture and pathogen adaptability: Cochliobolus infections mediated by toxins
  • Monoculture and pathogen adaptability: specialized Alternaria diseases mediated by toxins
  • Disease amplified by changes in agriculture
  • Anthropogenic reintroduction of certain diseases each year
  • Abiotic diseases: damage from air pollution
  • Prospectus
Glossary and Appendix.

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