Undergraduate Instrumental Analysis, 6th Edition

James W Robinson, Eileen Skelly Frame and George M Frame II 
CRC Press  2004  

Hardback  1104pp  ISBN 9780824753597      £40.00
  • Authoritative discussions of every major field of modern instrumentation, including the benefits, limitations, and applications of each type of instrumental technique
  • New sections on the use of spreadsheets for performing calculations, 13C and 2D NMR spectral interpretation, magnetic resonance imaging, FT-NMR, SPME, instrumental design, the operation of GC and HPLC interfaces to mass spectrometers, and mass spectrometry applications using ICP-MS
  • Twice the amount of text, illustrations, and exercises on chromatographic separations and instrumentation
  • An extensive listing of manufacturer Web sites
  • Added tables showcasing amino acid structures and nomenclature
  • A combined focus on instrumental analysis wit h organic spectral interpretation
Completely rewritten, revised, and updated, this Sixth Edition reflects the latest technologies and applications in spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and chromatography. It illustrates practices and methods specific to each major chemical analytical technique while showcasing innovations and trends currently impacting the field.

Many of the chapters have been individually reviewed by teaching professors and include descriptions of the fundamental principles underlying each technique, demonstrations of the instrumentation, and new problem sets and suggested experiments appropriate to the topic.


  • Concepts of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry
  • Introduction to Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Visible and Ultraviolet Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  • Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
  • X-Ray Spectroscopy
  • Mass Spectrometry I: Principles and Instrumentation
  • Mass Spectrometry II: Spectral Intrepretation
  • Principles of Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Chromatography with Liquid Mobile Phases
  • Surface Analysis
  • Electroanalytical Chemistry
  • Thermal Analysis
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