Phytochemicals in Nutrition and Health

Edited by Mark S Meskin, Wayne R Bidlack, Audra J Davies and Stanley T Omaye 
CRC Press  2002  

Hardback  224pp  ISBN 9781587160837      £99.00
  • Presents new directions in research, including the role of isothiocyanates in cancer prevention
  • Provides an in-depth overview of the pharmacokinetics of phytochemicals in humans, including digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion of phytochemicals
  • Offers rigorous scientific coverage of the efficacy and safety of a wide array of medicinal herbs, including Echinacea-based phytomedicines
  • Examines the impact of glucosinolates and isothiocyanates on human health
  • Explores the latest research on lycopene and lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin
  • Focuses on the potential role of the entire tocopherol family in human health
  • Discusses the entire class of phytoestrogens and looks at their impact on neuroprotection
Are soy isoflavones neuroprotective? Just how different is one species of Echinacea from another? Which phytochemicals will be effective as therapeutic agents in vivo? Supported by solid scientific research, Phytochemicals in Nutrition and Health helps provide answers to these and other probing questions concerning the mechanisms of action associated with beneficial phytochemical groups. It examines new areas such as the efficacy and safety of medicinal herbs, the use of biotechnology to manipulate and enhance the phytochemical profiles of various plants, and the pharmacokinetics of phytochemicals in humans.

The editors also expand discussion presented in their previous books on phytochemicals. They explore new research on phytochemicals in the Vaccinium family (cranberries, blueberries and bilberries), wine, and oilseeds, and the biological activity of Echinacea in humans. Additional chapters present new information about isothiocyanates, lycopene, carotenoids other than beta-carotene, tocotrienols, and phytoestrogens. Highlighting phytochemicals that have significant potential for promoting health or preventing disease, Phytochemicals in Nutrition and Health expands discussions of appropriate research methodologies and new technologies in this exciting field.


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Phytochemical Pharmacokinetics, Harold L. Newmark and Chung S. Yang

Dietary Isothiocyanates: Roles in Cancer Prevention and Metabolism in Rodents and Humans, Fung-Lung Chung

Rationale for the use of Soy Phytoestrogens for Neuroprotection, Helen Kim

Bioengineering and Breeding Approaches for Improving Nutrient and Phytochemical Content of Plants, David W. Sill

Phytochemicals in Oilseeds, Fereidoon Shahidi

Lycopene and Human Health, Betty Jane Burri

Astaxanthin, b-Cryptoxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, J.T. Landrum, R.A. Bone, and C. Herrero

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